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    Hey all,

    It's officially here - Bed Wars has fully released! Version 1.0 of Bed Wars is now available to play in its own lobby, with all that good stuff you expect from a full Hypixel minigame experience. Bed Wars is our first Prototype Lobby game to release as a full minigame and we are extremely excited to show you what we've been working on.

    Read on below for a full list of changes and additions, or play it right now by clicking the Bed Wars lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby bed wars.

    ▶ What is in this update?
    • A new game Lobby and info board
    • 10 new maps, and the return of previously removed map Crypt
    • Leaderboards, using our new leaderboard framework
    • Stats tracking per-mode and a Bed Wars leveling system
    • All new in-game Cosmetics, unlocked through Bed Wars Loot Chests
    • Achievements and Challenges
    • Lots of bug fixes and small improvements


    ▶ Bed Wars Lobby
    Existing as a port between dream worlds, the Bed Wars lobby contains everything you need to play Bed Wars - and a parkour course, of course! Interact with NPCs to play different modes or check out your stats and more. Near the back of the lobby is the Shopkeeper - interact with him or use the emerald icon on your hot bar to open the cosmetics shop.


    We have also included our new Leaderboards system. You can see the Top 10 players for Bed Wars Level, Wins, and Final Kills. Click the hologram toggles at the bottom of each list to change between Daily, Weekly and Lifetime time periods. Use the toggles to the right-hand side of the Leaderboards to switch between the Top 10 and your personal position on each leaderboard - you can also filter the results per game mode (Solo, Doubles, Teams (combined), 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4v4 or all.

    We hope that by including these options, you can better see your position on the leaderboards for each category in each game mode, instead of just seeing a Top 10. Let us know what you think!

    ▶ Bed Wars Level and Stats
    Stats are now recorded for Bed Wars, and can be seen by interacting with the Stats NPC in the lobby. We've added Bed Wars levels; The more you play Bed Wars, the more you will level up. Every time you level up you'll receive a Bed Wars Loot Chest containing in-game cosmetics to unlock. If you hit level 100, you will move to the next prestige level and gain new cosmetic display options.

    ▶ Cosmetics and Loot Chests
    Based off your experiences in the PTL and your feedback, we have decided to not add any gameplay-changing kits or perks to the core Bed Wars modes. Bed Wars is instead launching with an in-game cosmetics system featuring all new types of cosmetics never seen before on the server - a first for a Hypixel minigame.


    Cosmetic Categories include:
    • Projectile Trails: Add particles trails to your projectiles
    • Final Kill Effects: Adds a special effect that takes place when you Final Kill another player
    • Victory Dances: Special dances that happen when you or your team win a game
    • Death Cries: Play a custom noise when you die
    • Sprays: Spray a custom-image onto the walls of the map
    • Glyphs: Spawn a custom image Glyph above your head
    • Island Toppers: Adds a custom built Topper to your starting island
    • Shopkeeper Skins: Customise the skin of your shopkeeper
    • Kill Messages: Change all your kill messages to custom ones

    All cosmetics can be used in game. Cosmetics are unlocked in Bed Wars Loot Chests which you can find by leveling up, or purchase on the Hypixel store. Each Loot Chest contains 3 randomly selected cosmetics ranging in rarity from Common to Legendary - the higher the rarity, the harder they are to find. Duplicate items will give Bed Wars coins which can be used to directly purchase cosmetics from the Cosmetics menu.

    Ranked players also get a free spray - if you're VIP, VIP+, MVP or MVP+ you can unlock a special unique spray tied to your rank. Check it out in the My Cosmetics section of the shop!

    You can open Loot Chests and view all your cosmetics by interacting with the Shopkeeper NPC in the lobby, or using the Emerald Shop icon on your hotbar. The box opening process is based on a new system we've created, and we think it's very fun and cool - let us know what you think.

    If you enjoy these cosmetics, please consider supporting Bed Wars and the Hypixel Server by buying Loot Chests on our store. With enough support we can keep making new cosmetic items, and potentially add these sorts of cosmetics to other games. Loot Chest bundles are currently 25% off in the Hypixel Summer sale, check it out here: https://store.hypixel.net/


    ▶ 10 (+1) New Maps
    Not just content with adding literally everything else, we're also releasing 10 new maps (yes, 10) and also re-releasing previously removed map Crypt. You can play them right now in the Bed Wars lobby - use the MVP+ Map Selector to select and play them whenever you want.


    ▶ Achievements and Challenges
    The v1.0 release of Bed Wars includes many Achievements and Daily Challenges. Achievements can be viewed in My Profile on the hotbar, and challenges can be viewed by interacting with the Quest Master in the lobby.

    ▶ Full Changelog + Bug Fixes

    General Changes
    • Moved Bed Wars from the Prototype Lobby to its own lobby, accessed via the Game Menu, Lobby NPCs or the /lobby command
    • Added stats tracking for all game modes
    • Added leaderboards with top 10 and personal scores
    • Added a full cosmetics shop in lobby
    • Added leveling system
    • Added Bed Wars Loots Chests
    • Added 9 types of in-game cosmetics
    • Added 10 new maps
    • Fixed and re-added Crypt, a previously removed map
    • Added achievements
    • Added challenges
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed many reported issues with maps and block misplacement.
    • Fixed typos in text in certain places.
    • Fixed issue where the compass menu could be opened after the game ended.
    • Fixed issue where players could damage their own team's Iron Golems with a bow.
    • Fixed issue where players would die and sometimes keep items.
    • Fixed issue where sometimes death messages would display multiple times.
    • Fixed issue where NPCs would sometimes be invisible.
    • Fixed issue where Silverfish would take fall damage.
    • Made improvements to the player tracker.
    • Fireballs now have a cooldown of 0.5s to prevent collision.
    • Fireballs will no longer damage teammates.
    • Quick Comms can no longer be used in solo games.

    ▶ Future of Bed Wars
    v1.0 is a big step for Bed Wars, and it took us a lot of work to get here. However that doesn't mean the work is over! We've absolutely loved your response so far, and will continue to support Bed Wars with updates including new gameplay features, more maps, and potentially more modes - we may even test these in the PTL!

    Your feedback over the past few months has been invaluable to improving Bed Wars and getting it to this point. We want to thank for you playing, commenting, and sharing, and we hope you continue to play and enjoy Bed Wars plus all our future new PTL games.

    Coming very soon is our long awaited Social Menu update, and a new Prototype Lobby game. This Summer is gonna be hectic, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all grinding those levels out on v1.0 of Bed Wars starting right now :D
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  2. Hype! Can't wait to use all the new content :)
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  3. Hype! So much new content with this full release. Can't wait to find some loot boxes. :)
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  4. SaltMaster

    SaltMaster Well-Known Member

    HYPEEEEE!!!!! :D
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  5. Hype!!!
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  6. Swag

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    Hype :O Finally!!
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  7. hype
    EDIT: why did no one post on this thread for like a day? O-o
    2nd EDIT: First page finally O-o
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  8. JustVinc

    JustVinc Active Member

    HYPE! !!!!!! 1!!! ! 1

    Edit: front page hype too ya !!!1!!! 1 11 1!
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  9. Can you fix quests not giving bedwars Xp?
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  10. Awesome!

    I really love the new shop, it's very unique! And I'm glad about the new leaderboards, maybe other games will have something similar in the future? :D
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  11. Maximum hype! :D
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  12. Hype
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  13. Dentji

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    Why are there only ten comments on a news thread that was posted yesterday...

    90% of them just contain "Hype" or the like
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  14. It was just made public around 5 minutes ago :)
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  15. Great news! :D
    I really enjoy bed wars so I was looking forward to this.
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  16. Rhune

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    Look mom!! I'm front page news!
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  17. iSmash

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    Wooooo so glad it's finally properly released :D PixelBaker is clearly a godly bedwars pvper with those 2 wins

    Jeez this game died pretty quickly!
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  18. TechnoMaster4

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    Awesome to have seen this game from start to release. Excited for what is to come for its future!
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  19. Finally the official post :D first page HYPE
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  20. I never really liked bedwars much, but I guess the people who do should enjoy it. Just hope this doesn't mean they will ignore other games just for another bedwars cosmetic update or something
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