1. Good news Bed Wars fans - version 1.2 is here featuring lots of great changes, new items to play with and more. We think these new changes add even more strategies to play Bed Wars with and help balance some annoying issues such as EXP gain, Mob usage, Tools and more.

    Please read the full topic before replying!

    ▶ New Items & Upgrades
    We've added 4 new items/upgrades to the shop, which we think will be very fun to play around with and give you more options for both attacking and defending bases.

    Please note that the prices below may change as we adjust values based off your feedback. Please have a play and let us know what you think.

    New Item: Bridge Egg
    Cost (Solo / Doubles): 1 egg for 2 emeralds
    Cost (Teams of 3 / 4): 1 egg for 4 emeralds

    Throw this egg to create a bridge made of wool blocks in the trail behind it, allowing you to cross. Slower and less surprising than an ender pearl, but creates a bridge others can cross.

    We understand this might be a big change to the game for some, so please discuss price and balance for this item in this topic: https://hypixel.net/threads/bridge-eggs-official-balance-discussion-thread.1369778/

    New Block: Blast-Proof Glass
    Cost: 6 blocks for 12 iron

    A new defensive block, this cannot be destroyed by TNT - but can be quickly broken by fists or any tools.

    We understand this might be a big change to the game for some, so please discuss price and balance for this item in this topic: https://hypixel.net/threads/blast-proof-glass-official-balance-discussion-thread.1369780/

    New Block: Hardened Clay
    Cost: 16 blocks for 12 iron

    We have replaced sandstone with hardened clay - it has the same blast resistance but takes slightly longer to break. It's also colored based on your team!

    New Upgrade: Quick Pick
    Cost (Solo / Doubles): 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 Diamonds per tier
    Cost (Teams of 3 / 4): 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 / 18
    Diamonds per tier

    This team upgrade provides all tools (including shears) with efficiency and can be upgraded up to Efficiency V!

    Shop Changes
    The shop has been updated to receive two new categories: Favorite Items and Recommended Items.


    Favorite Items
    Click the nether star icon in the shop to open the Favorite Items category. In this category, you can find any items that you have added making them easier to find and purchase. You can add any items in the shop to your Favorites by holding SHIFT and clicking on the item.

    Recommended Items
    Click the book icon to open the Recommended Items category. In this section, we've added recommended items for early, mid and late game, great for new players who might be confused what items are best to buy.

    Full Rework of Tools Category
    Tools were previously underused, so we have revised the system to make purchasing and using tools like Axes and Pickaxes more viable in regular play.


    Tools now work on an upgrade system rather than on purchase. Shears are permanent as before, but for Axes and Pickaxes, you can upgrade the tier and if you die instead of losing the tool it simply drops 1 tier below your current tier. Tier I tools are permanent.

    For example:
    • Wooden Pickaxe (Tier I) - costs 10 iron
      • Upgrade to Tier II for 10 iron
    • Stone Pickaxe (Tier II)
      • Upgrade to Tier III for gold
    • Iron Pickaxe (Tier III)
      • Upgrade to Tier IV for gold
    • Diamond Pickaxe (Tier IV)
    If you die with a Diamond Pickaxe (Tier IV) you will respawn with an Iron Pickaxe (Tier III), as your tool tier has dropped by 1. You can then buy the upgrade to Tier IV in the shop same as before. Wooden tools are permanent (if you die with Tier I, you respawn with Tier I).

    We hope these changes will make Tools less risky purchases and more viable to use offensively in general. Have a play and let us know what you think :)

    Mob Rework
    Mobs have been completely reworked and now function on a timer based system. This means you are no longer plagued with only being allowed to place 2 iron golems at once, now you can place as many as you can afford but they will despawn after their timer runs out (or they lose all their health). The new timers are as follows:

    Iron Golem (Dream Defender): 240 seconds
    Silver Fish (Bed Bug): 15 seconds

    We hope these changes will make mobs more fun to use and less annoying to fight against. Please note we will be tweaking these values and costs over time based on your feedback.

    General Changes

    • Fireballs are now more accurate, no longer set players on fire, and now function much better for fireball-jumping
    • Changed the experience gain from 10xp/minute -> 20xp/minute
    • Changed the win exp bonus from 200 (Solo/Doubles) -> 100 (Solo/Doubles)
      100 (3team/4team) -> 50 (3team/4team)
    • Added /myposition command that lists stats and positions
    • Removed stars in the pregame lobby (community suggestion)
    • Icefish name changed to Bed Bug (community suggestion)
    • Iron Golem name changed to Dream Defender (community suggestion)
    • All items in a team's enderchest now drop from the chest when the team is eliminated
    • Invisible players now produce footstep particles
    • Game Mode NPCs in the lobby have been re-ordered: from left to right it's now Solo, Doubles, Teams of 3, Teams of 4
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed fireballs being thrown when clicking on villager
    • Fixed previous page on island toppers takes you back to the cosmetics menu
    • Fixed beds occasionally not breaking (visually would break but would re-appear)
    • Fixed a bug where spectators could get the Golem's Rose achievement
    • Fixed water washing away item topper decor
    • Fixed a bug causing a player's name to be white and their team not to be displayed
    • Fixed a bug causing teammates to be invisible for 30s on game start
    • Fixed a conflict where the Diamond spray/glyph would not work together (renamed Diamond spray to Shiny spray)
    • Fixed a bug where invisibility may be applied for longer than 30 seconds
    • Fixed the lobby NPC's being in the incorrect order
    Big thanks to the community for helping us as well as our developers for their hard work - we hope to gather more feedback in the coming days in regards to our new addition and find the perfect balance with your help.
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  2. With this update we tried to keep new features as minimal as possible as we understand that the Bed Wars community is very sensitive to changes - that being said, we want to try new things so it's important that you guys have an open mind and try it out more than once before giving us feedback. If you only played one game and say it's bad, you will be ignored.

    We will be listening to constructive feedback and will keep an eye open on the "meta" changes of Bed Wars and make sure these new addition are positive - from our internal tests it has been great fun and gave Bed Wars a new life. In other words: WE ARE AWARE.

    Please refer to the topics given in the main post to give feedback in regards to the Egg Bridge and Blast-proof Glass blocks.

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  16. Wait wasnt 1.1 or domething earlier?
  17. Loved the update but the stars should still be displayed! This angers me! And The glass is a terrible idea...Ruins all my strats....Other thing is that XP has been dropped..Do you not want us to rank up??
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    If hypixel started making "update topics" it means that Bed Wars is the new Mega Walls?
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