1. Externalizable

    Externalizable Minigame Developer

    Hey hey,

    Today we're releasing the second item as part of our Weekly Bed Wars Item Rotations during the month of December. You can read more about this project and the previous item here:

    Continue reading to learn more about the new item!

    Second Rotation Item: Snowman

    Perfect aim is not guaranteed - it's arms are made from sticks... Have you ever tried throwing snowballs with sticks?!

    We're celebrating the December weather with every child's coolest friend: The Snowman! You can now spawn your very own snowball sentry gun to protect your island from intruders. Don't get too attached to your new buddy - it will melt after 60 seconds and you'll have to buy a new one.

    You can find the current rotation item by clicking the redstone torch in the top-right-hand corner of the Item Shop menu!

    We hope you enjoy the new item! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible. We'll be back with a new winter themed Bed Wars item next week!
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  2. why isn't this on the main page
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  3. Nice!
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  4. Lol time to use it ingame and confuse a crap ton of people
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  5. Looks pretty cool
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  6. Nice!! Why isnt this on the main page tho?
  7. jpleb

    jpleb Well-Known Member

  8. should’ve named it killer frosty smh
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  9. Time for some trolling... >: )
  10. -Frogish-

    -Frogish- Active Member

    First page hype but wait, why is this 60 iron and not the pop up tower, like pop up tower has wool worth somewhere above or near 60 iron but doesn't despawn but this does after 60 seconds? Like make it longer lasting if it's going to be that price
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  11. Goodwade

    Goodwade Well-Known Member

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  12. -Caden

    -Caden Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    There's no reason to put this small of an update on the main page
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  13. the first item was on the main page
  14. ohKeanu

    ohKeanu Well-Known Member

    Hotbar HOTBAR
  15. This could actually might be useful for some defenders as they can just shoot the people off it.

    image0 (1).png image0 (1).png
  16. will the pop-up tower come back but rebalanced?
  17. FrostyHD

    FrostyHD Active Member

    Yay hype!!! Glad to defense my bed with it :)))
  18. Yo that's cool but tower better be perm, that stuff was actually pretty neat to have around with its 1-use-per-game thing.

    however, a sentry gun that's cost is iron? Uh, please no. A suggestion from me would be to make it cost gold instead.
    I haven't tested out how the sentry works yet, but making it cost a certain amount of gold makes people opt to use the snowman over buying a bow or golden apples.

    I'll come and either make a new message or edit this one once I test around with what the snowman can and can't do!
  19. Skywars kits have come to bed wars........
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  20. Udummie

    Udummie Member

    The Snowman item is a fun and sort of trollish way to effectively defend against rushers. Prop it to the side of your bridge and it will start pummeling attackers with its snowballs, knocking them straight into the void.

    However, there are still major problems with this item.

    As of now, it is outshined by the fireball because a fireball does everything the Snowman does but better.

    The fireball is aimed by the player, making it more consistent accuracy wise. (given you are decent at aiming)
    It is able to stop bridges from a distance, bonus, it has a higher range.
    It destroys bridges, temporarily slowing down rushers.
    BONUS: It is more versatile, you can use it to expose layers of wool or wood, or you can use it to fireball jump and escape tight situations.

    Finally, it is CHEAPER. You save 20 iron buying a fireball than if you would if you bought a Snowman. Which means, if you were to buy 2 Snowmen, you could have instead bought 3 fireballs.

    120 iron for two Snowmen, 120 iron for 3 fireballs.

    Instead of having 2 chances to defend a rush, if you bought 3 fireballs you would have 3 chances.

    So the solution, simply lower the cost to 40 iron, making it the same price as a fireball, inherently making it "equal" to the fireball, disregarding the offensive capability of the fireball.


    Make it's spawn time 2 minutes instead of 1, allowing it the chance to better impact the game. By making the Snowman melt away in 2 minutes, it will have more opportunities to knock enemies into the void and stall them as they wait for it to die off.

    Overall, the Snowman item is genuinely a fun item to use. Going on the offense has been far too easy in Bedwars so it is great that there is now a creative alternative to defending via PvP, fireballing, and bowing.

    It is fun to watch enemies struggle to build bridges as they are knocked into the void by a Snowman and I do believe it should be kept in the game as a permanent item after tweaks and balances are made.

    I really hope you take this post into consideration, the numbers that I have suggested DOES NOT have to be the final decision. Making the Snowman 50 iron or last 1 1/2 minutes COULD be enough to make it a relevant pick when defending.

    All I ask is for the developers of Bedwars to recognize the Snowman's weaknesses and possible, simple, solutions to make the item a more viable choice.
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