1. I really like this,and I honestly think its great as is.

  2. six week skywars map rotation? haven’t had it for about two months
    merry chest and spooky chest cosmetics for skywars? nah not profitable only bundle cosmetics

    i mean I like bedwars and all but geez it can’t be that hard to give the other games cosmetics too
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  3. When will castle wars come back D: ?
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  4. #104
  5. That is gonna be EPIC!!
  6. Retirednox

    Retirednox Active Member

    Why not just make lab modes smh..
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. they should add fortnite building
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  9. Noice
  10. Wow it's so amazing and interesting lol
  11. That looks like the most useless defense and I don’t even play bw
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  12. dogo

    dogo Well-Known Member

    who thought this could have possibly been a good idea
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  13. But wont this "instant" defense be really easy to break? I mean, it's made out of wool, and it's a proven fact that many bedwars players are a bit gullible when it comes to something like: Invisibility potions?(Unless they have a trap at their base....)
  14. Should of increased the price of the fireballs .-.
  15. Always positives vibes around you jeez haha.
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  16. Daniel

    Daniel Well-Known Member

    Forum NERD
    Woah! The tower would be very handy if it was permanently added to the game. Then we can easily build a fancy defence.
  17. I dont think its meant to be an awesome defense
  18. M4rkus

    M4rkus Active Member

    Awesome, looking forward to try out the new items!

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