1. Oh! So that's what those towers were that I saw in game. Nice!
  2. jammywammy

    jammywammy Active Member

    would you rather bedwars get weekly updates like it did a few months ago or monthly updates like it does now
  3. Churainz

    Churainz New Member

    y am i there im a fricking non
  4. wat
  5. I feel like your price is fine enough, although it wouldn't hurt to raise a little bit. Maybe 24 or 28
    also, I have a question for you: would it be considered a bug if the item replaced already placed blocks with wool?
    nvm tested it and blocks do not get replaced
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  6. Churainz

    Churainz New Member

    u put my ign in ur thing
  7. Well your not acting in any way like your signature. HYPOCRITE!
  8. Churainz

    Churainz New Member

    daddychuchu... is my ign
  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk. also can u get me some good pvpers i can duel pls i need the popularity. an alt which imma get 30+ fkdr on isnt gonna be enough
  10. wish it was obsidian, that way making it more expensive and making sense to buy one per game
  11. I know this sounds over powered, but maybe an item that when put down, it will cover the bed in bedrock for 5 secs.
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  12. Ehhhh it will be getting weekly now. Hench Item of the week.

    I guess that’s Hypixel’s grand gift to all of us. Bleh
  13. Yes, I am hypocritical, and I am sorry for that. Will you accept my apology? (I know this can sound sarcastic/snarky, but I mean it honestly)

    Also, just a recommendation. Randomly calling out someone as a hypocrite can end realllllly poorly depending on who you say it to. Just a thought.
  14. Port a fort hype pls like this kthxbai
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  15. Maybe a sword that when it kills someone they have a longer respwannthan normal, it would have to be wooden though. Either wooden or only a few uses. Idk, just a thought.
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  16. It seems like a fun item, however I don't think that it would make a good positive addition to the game, as it would take some of the fun out of building your own defense.
  17. 2oac99.jpg

    Also we need shovels and hoes (hoes are more important though) so add those kk thx YEET
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  18. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we must keep it
  19. okay now this is epic
  20. You know you can already deflect a fireball by hitting it with your sword right?

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