1. Tempted to use this to build an entire castle on my island.
  2. iHack

    iHack Active Member

    HypeW H
    at first i thought this would be op but then i saw

  3. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    20-48 would be nice.
  4. This will be awesome for campers
  5. oh heck
  6. AhMing

    AhMing Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    This is cool
  7. 1: Bedwars, no.

    2: Is this a joke? I know almost nothing about modding yet I could do this. (I have actually done it) more overhyped garbage. Next time you update a game actually put work into it instead of putting trash out and then complaining that it didn’t get enough content.
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  8. Wow
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  9. ok then this will be interesting
  10. You can punch fireballs tho
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  11. That's just sad...
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  12. And shoot them with a bow too. (In case someone is too laggy to hit it manually.)
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  13. I don't play BedWars. I was just replying to someone saying it was useless because it was only wool.
  14. You really wanna put in more hours of development time than time that it'll be in the game?
  15. I often do not play ALOT of bedwars, but this update is interesting.
  16. I never said use it on the dumb item of the week. They need to spend time making quality updates, and not spending five minutes to throw out some garbage.

    If they are out of good ideas, or incapable of thinking of any for Bedwars, updates games that have communities that are screaming out genius ideas.
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