BNJYT_ New Member

    Very fun only played for 3 hours me, but looking forward to future ones
    Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated.
  2. Congratulations to the top 100 and to all who have participated!
  3. Sfyri

    Sfyri Well-Known Member

    TPala TPALA
    How do you see your lb spot (<1000) without logging on the server?
  4. Tuesdays

    Tuesdays New Member

    this weekend just lined up bad with me between black friday shopping and family stuff irl i wasnt able to play as much as i wouldve wanted to. nonetheless, this was a great first tournament, and i'd love to see more in the future
  5. BryanPY

    BryanPY Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to everyone who participants in this tournament, whatever what result you got, just work hard on the next tournament guys! :)
  6. Congratulations to the top 100!
  7. Awesome! Didn't have much time to play this weekend, but enjoyed the short time i played in the tournament :)

    Looking forward to play in the next tournaments!

    (Since i didn't have a chance to play much this weekend, i would love a second bedwars tournament)
  8. " Fine Comb " they said, yet multiple people on the leaderboards are not only known cheaters but cheated DURING the tournament *cough Jiyn* and are not banned.
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  10. xAleyna_

    xAleyna_ New Member

    that's was excited ^_^
  11. Congrats to everyone that participated! :D
  12. GG! Skywars next!
  13. Good luck everyone ;)
  14. A few reflective opinions

    There shouldn't have been a gm bracket. Simply just masters

    For masters there should have been a system to match incomplete parties up

    Nick scrambling should also have happened in diamond and possibly gold

    You should not be allowed to leave the game unless you've been in the lobby for 30+seconds since the last player joined and the countdown to game start has not started.
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  15. That moment when your guildmate leaves to join one of the top guilds since he was at 800 something
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  16. >ss'd once
    >he's legit guys

    Either way i was just bringing that up because spidyyy isn't very good at knowing whether or not people cheat, main point is he's been boosting before and he's boosting again.
  17. enjoyed it yeah, kinda sucks only the top 2500 got rewards and they wernt as good tbh. 50 tributes is nice but kind of lack luster.

    side note: notice how all the top players have a o.5 or around w/l ratio. with some exceptions. it quite matches up with the w/l of the people who abused the brackets to get easier games.
  18. Can’t wait for the next!!
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  19. Absolutes don't happen in anything just saying, that and this logic would mean anyone have every bit of reason to think shaz cheats because of his adamant denial about it. Adding on to this, he participated in another tournament this weekend and has yet to hand in his footage, which was specified to be raw and unedited, if he doesn't do this that just makes it all the more reason to think so.

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