1. What about all the people who boosted? Are we just going to encourage more people to boost for next tournament? Even staff are treating the rules as a joke at this point...
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  2. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    The next gamemode should be Quakecraft so we can revive it ;)
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  3. Congrats to everyone!
  4. "Diamond+ is pretty hard"
    *is in gold game with 3 nons under bedwars and hypixel level 50 and make it to grandmasters*
    Also in a diamond game a team called my team trash so I singlehandedly destroyed their bed and wiped our 3 of them while our bed was gone (dont mess with my nons)
  5. -Test

    -Test Well-Known Member

    Tribute System]

    I do like the idea of how tributes can buy you unique and limited edition cosmetics. I understand that the tributes are supposed to be hard to get so not everyone gets the limited edition cloak or ability to punch friends in the lobby. However, 500 tributes for this is a bit high given that you can only get it if you break beds, win, or getting top 100 or top in general (1-1000). For bedwars which is a competitive gamemode, this is a bit difficult. I personally would have suggested every final kill gives you 1 tribute. I also agree that you should be able to get more than 100 tributes.

    [Future Tournaments]

    For future tournaments in different games, such as duels or skywars, rewards should be related to the gamemode and be exclusive. The bedwars tournament covered this perfectly. For example, a duels tournament, if there every should be one, should be mainly focused around skywars duels and be solo. 1 tribute should be rewarded for every win. The rewards could be the same as the bedwars tournament except the banner design would be a rod and a different cloak as well as a different gadget instead of punching your
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  6. Congratulations to everybody who participated, and won a prize?
  7. Congrats to everyone who participated ( anyone else freaked out that the total number of hours played is over 19 years! :) )
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  8. Thx for hosting!
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  9. OffTab

    OffTab Active Member

    Too many hackers and boosting yts you know
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  10. Ikr, it’s more infested with fly hackers and boosters even more than ranked, honestly fix it. Smh.
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  11. Ha Ha good joke.
  12. I personally think Doubles Skywars would be an excellent call as it requires skill, strategy and teamwork. It would be very interesting as well and pretty sweaty, just a recommendation as many other people may like it too.
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  13. gg who got the most finals?
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  14. Congrats to everyone!
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  15. SpeedMC

    SpeedMC New Member

  16. I’d like to see a 4v4 duels tournament
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  17. egxrLL

    egxrLL New Member

    Escapade SAIL
    gg nerds
  18. Please, dont do too often to keep it very Hype, for me it's been 4 years since I expected that, so I really enjoyed playing this tournament but if you do too much, then there is will no longer have this exiting side, and maybe even I'll get tired of the tournament after waiting 4 years for them to arrive.
    So I think that between 2 and 3 a year maximum is very good.
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  19. Wow big rip I ended #2560 something not expecting the new reward threshold :(( if only I played like one more game.
    Please do quake next, That game needs some attention!
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  20. Do tnt run tournament next maybe
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