1. The event wasn't that great.
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  2. jcrizzy

    jcrizzy Well-Known Member

    Build Battle Tournament PLEASE. I suck at pvp.
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  3. Was definitely unfair. I know the first 3 people, fulpsito, who was in china and we did 2v2 Bridges. Also, shazy, who wrecks anyone in PvP. Cxl is ez for him. But, half of the people hacked their ass off.
  4. Well, if miksa was actually cheating I’m confused as for TimeDeo’s situation. TimeDeo’s had too many free passes.
  5. Not impressed with how nasty some of the players treated others.

    Congrats to the top!

  6. could you make a system where you can search your name up and it'll show your place
  7. Know I'm late, but great job, a few things could be tweaked, a suggestion would be creating an option to play the game normally during tournaments, I'm not competitive and am no good at bedwars, so just wanted to play normally, so I didn't feel like playing with people who were just competing.

    Great job once again!
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  8. late, but fun tourney! Took a while to not even use up my full 20 hours
  9. Why Would He?
  10. UnfairFunfair

    UnfairFunfair Well-Known Member

    he got exposed for boosting, sackboy made a video on it
  11. Nice ketthe it korea power xD
  12. At first I thought 20 hours would be too little time but then I realized that it was too much time I believe I only played 6 hours but I was busy so maybe reduce the time to like 10 hours.
  13. I think you forgot something...:(
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  14. I don't really see a tournament being announced this late in December... considering the previous tournament was announced on November 16 and started on November 23, (1 week in advance) there isn't much time left in December (Only about 3 days). I understand that announcement dates are finicky due to all sorts of issues, but its still a disappointment if it doesn't come soon I guess.
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  15. Very fun tournament but i need youtuber friend
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  16. Too late
  17. Necroposting. Reported.
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