1. Is it possible to make a mod, or any program for that matter, that automatically checks if someone is online, without impacting computer / game performance?

    This person isnt in my guild or on my friends list, and they are online quite infrequently. I want to friend them because they are a friend I had from back when I first started playing Minecraft, but I don't know how to be notified when they get onto Hypixel. I don't think we ever played Hypixel together so that is why we aren't friends here.
  2. I made a discord bot to do this! It ran every 20 minutes and iterated through a list of usernames and used the api to check if they were online. I coded it in python. On the hypixel side, I got the player status from the slothpixel api, which doesn’t require an api key. I can send you the code I guess, but I have been making changes to it so the new better version isn’t done yet. And also I wasn’t ever going to make it a public discord bot or anything like that.

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