1. dogo

    dogo Well-Known Member

    i was wondering which one i should buy (i only have like 435k coins so chances are i'll barely be able to get enough coins for the christmas update), so it's quite important for me which one i choose.

    and yes i know to not buy them until the very last day so that i dont get them in loot chests after buying them
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  2. Buy the Dramatic and Primal kill messages because they were my idea lol
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  3. mawuo

    mawuo Active Member

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    buy the triumph kill msg so very worth it it's totally lit, but on accident i bought the literally spooky and dramatic so now i am poor af as i bought the ghast rider too, that's like 800k coins in all ~.~
  4. I don't know anything about Halloween cosmetics but i would just buy whatever is legendary!
  5. Counter final kill effect if you have a lot of final kills already
  6. Ripped soul sounds cool (only 100k too!)
  7. I've owned the bat once since last Halloween and its honestly pretty annoying when the bats get in your face so you cant hit anyone (this also happens to the people you are killing).
  8. Personally I'd just save up for snowsplosion or you shopkeeper if you are sure you won't be able to get enough coins in two months
  9. I like the ghast rider... also the batcrux... erm. The triumph kill is also good! All of em are great haha!
  10. dogo

    dogo Well-Known Member

    be honest

    did you try out even one of them at least once

    and also: thanks for help everybody, i decided to not buy any halloween cosmetics and wait for xmas, then buy the 'you' shopkeeper and hopefully have enough coins to be able to get the snowplosion too
  11. H2o__

    H2o__ Active Member

    Dank Memes xd DMXD
    I got legendary Halloween cosmetics on my first two Spooky Loot Chests (including the free one).

    I love blood kill effect so I would personally get Ghast, but that's a matter of opinion.
  12. dogo

    dogo Well-Known Member

    black mark is better than blood, check for yourself

    and ghast seems like the only thing i'd buy
  13. yee I have the three of em atleast~ two of which i got from the spooky loots i think and the triumph kill I bought. ^^
  14. dogo

    dogo Well-Known Member

    ok then

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