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  2. Okay but that does not clear you from any wrong doing. The decision was yours to make and so it remains ultimately your fault.
  3. Done, it hasn't loaded on plancke.io yet but their username is HermesG_G. I'll send a picture or edit this once it loads

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  4. Wait what the heck actually?
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    hey u have a rank they'll listen to you. ask staff to fix ink wand and zombie sword, been broken for so long.
  7. People, he said that what he did was wrong and apologized multiple times. Is that not enough to forgive him at least a little bit?

    I've never seen a single video or stream of his, but based on his posts on the forums I can tell that he genuinely feels sorry for not only the one kicked player but also for everyone that didn't agree with his actions.

    I also don't like what the final outcome was, but it isn't the worst thing a YouTuber has done.

    Maybe they're faking it and I fell for their ruse hook line and sinker. It wouldn't be the first time I was fooled and it wouldn't be the last either. As much as I personal enjoy hearing bad press about Hypixel-related YouTubers, I'm done with beating this dead horse. Go find a new one already!
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  8. Update came out where servers postpone restarts during dragon fight. It wasn't going to restart
  9. This was before
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  10. Thank you for the information
  11. Can we all stop bashing the YouTuber now
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  12. Public shaming

    Edit: forget it you have a pixel I forgive you
  13. Fattttttt
  14. Good on you for apologizing. But dear god why does the forums suddenly forget that this rule exists. upload_2019-9-18_15-31-31.png
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  15. Majority of the people that is upset about the rankism, did not break that rule. The mob right now is just trying to get staffs verdict because they seem to be ignoring majority of the claims. They are pretty busy, but the mob wont calm down until the issue is addressed.

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