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  2. At least link my thread ;-;
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  3. sorry honey i forgot ;_;
  4. ; - ;
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  5. DanBul

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    "oh im not staff or anything but i told him he was gonna be kicked so that makes it okay right?'
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  6. Bashing anyone is not good. Like people please lets all be nice <3
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  7. His entire argument
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  8. nows thats a gg
  9. Pigical=fat
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  10. Gonna be honest here, I'm reading what I wrote in the original picture and I didn't mean a good bit of that

    I don't think I'm entitled to having a player warped out. While I will admit that sometimes I do think my rank might help me in certain situations, I definitely should've just found a different lobby instead, or successful convinced them to leave instead of kicking them. On top of this, I was in a call with everyone in the party, and one of them could've suggested to get a moderator to kick them out. Not sure though, I will have to check the raw footage

    For the part where I say we were on a time limit, that's because the server was about to restart. I should've just found a different lobby that wasn't going to restart soon. And for the part where it says that the time limitations were pressuring me into getting it done more quickly: this doesn't mean I was pressuring the moderator into kicking them, it means I was pressured into making a worse decision, that being going through with the kicking idea instead of finding a new lobby.
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  11. The blame still ultimately falls on you, no matter what anyone else in the call was doing.
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  12. It was a mistake that shouldn't have been made, that's for sure
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  13. This is where I disagree with you. You did way too much prep work in order to get the player kicked in the first place for this to be a mistake. I could get it if you were already in a call/ingame chat with the mod but you genuinely seeked out the mod so that he could kick the player. Was this a lapse in judgement, yes; but this is nowhere near a mistake.
  14. who careeees
  15. I suppose that's true. But like, what now? Move on? I feel that this topic has been addressed enough as it is.
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  16. If blatant favouritism isn't adressed by the YouTubers who receive it, the community is the only buffer stopping it from becoming a common occurence.
  17. I've addressed it though.
  18. On your YouTube channel?
    The people who could do anything about this never look at random forum threads.
  19. Most of the people who are talking about are talking about here on the forums.
  20. Markiii

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    Cars3 C3
    Buy that non an MVP+, you made money out of him afterall on that video. That would be fair and people would prbs stop ranting about it if you make a video/post of doing it. Just a suggestion.

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