1. I want to expand the Skyblock Stats data compressed with Base64 and Gzip in Ruby (sinatra) and display HP etc., but I cannot decompress with Gzip.

    • Decode with Base64.decode64
    • Decode with system (‘base64 -d BASE64_FILE.txt’)
      upload_2020-2-1_19-13-17.png upload_2020-2-1_19-13-36.png
    • Decompress with Zlib::Inflate.inflate (error incorrect header check is displayed
      upload_2020-2-1_19-14-37.png upload_2020-2-1_19-18-11.png
    How do I decompress Base64 and Gzip with Ruby (sinatra)?

    It's my first question, so there may be some strange points, but I'm glad if you answer
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2020

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