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  1. Johny_

    Johny_ Well-Known Member

    EgirlAlliance L
    Yes, having a mark before their name is a very good idea. :D
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  2. Arachadonic

    Arachadonic Well-Known Member

    Tougher methods for dealing with hackers is being brought in.
    Don't worry.
  3. No. There are false bans and fake reports every day, I just got done dealing with a falsely banned citizen yesterday. If permanent bans are handed out like candy these people will be silenced forever. I like the way things are, if it weren't for the current system I would have never joined the forums and you would never have a kit guide. Keep it this way.
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  4. Just ban everyone, then there will be no hackers!
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  5. ThatComputerGuy

    ThatComputerGuy Well-Known Member

    Im nt saying there isnt a hack that does that, what im saying is that there is a very very common visual glitch that makes it look like someone is running with their bow drawn back and makes it look like they are hackig when they arent. Its a common glitch. Its a common enough glitch that can be hard to tell if its hacks or not that perma banning people when they think its that hack wouldnt be good as it could get a lot of people banned for a visual glith caused by minecraft
  6. ThatComputerGuy

    ThatComputerGuy Well-Known Member

    Also all these people that everyone uses as examples because they have been banned 7, maybe 8 times, that all happened before the new "system" where you get perma banned after only hacking twice. The new system plus what we already do to get people banned works great, but there is millions of people who play minecraft and a big majority of them are hackers, and with a server this big there will always be a lot, but you should realize they dot last long before getting banned, and if they dot stop it doesnt take long before they are perma banned. We just need to continue what we do until codename finishes the plugins, and then we continue to report and ban the hackers that manage to slip through the gap
  7. Just for them to come back after making some poorly made ban appeal?

    The only ban appeals I would accept is Ones the have them proving they weren't hacking, or ones that actually show how much effort they put in their ban appeals to show how sorry they really are, Some are just..... just to crap and yet they still get unbanned and just hack again.....

    I would most likely accept the unbans if the mod was unsure on the forum post he was banned by, if multiple staff agree then the user should be given a 2nd chance
  8. Coljet

    Coljet Well-Known Member

  9. Gogeta

    Gogeta Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    *bans hacker for hacking*
    *hacker says sry I won't hack anymoar*
    *unbans hacker*
    *hackers starts hacking again*
    *hacker says sry I won't hack anymoar*
    *unbans hacker*
    *hacker says sry I won't hack anymoar*
    *unbans hacker*
    *hacker says sry I won't hack anymoar*
    *unbans hacker*

    Basically what mods/admins do on their free time.
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  10. ZeCameramen

    ZeCameramen New Member

    I Agree With you MATE
  11. Have you ever thought of people being falsely banned?.......
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  12. de-ranking for this reason is not really allowed because you paid money to this server and this would be like money for nothing if you lose the rank, even tough i dislike people hacking as donaters, but this just is not fair sorry.

    also maybe lower the stats, but completely ruining them is too extremly, because maybe people hacked 2 hours ago.

    your opinion of anithacker systems are not bad, but maybe a bit extreme, no offense.
    goodluck with some of them tough :)
  13. xGamerHero

    xGamerHero Well-Known Member

    I dont agree, let staff members only unban people if they made a long appeal and if they make a unformatted appeal just ban them again.
  14. TheStealthyMiner

    TheStealthyMiner Well-Known Member

    Did I say permanent bans handed out like candy? I said if they are obviously hacking using multiple hacks such as fly, aimbot, etc. then they don't care about the server enough to be given a second chance.
    /bna codename_B, 1 down

    Pretty sure hypixel has the right to change any perks at any given time without reason. Meaning all of them and technically it's a donation, they don't have to give anything since, legally, you gave money on your own free will.
    Hackers gotta stop bro. The worst a "1st" time hacker is charged with is a perm ban that is mostly appealed or a temp. Nothing serious. Now go into the category of having a 1 in their name, stat wipes, and de-rankings.... Now shit gets real and they can continue to hack and next time a stats wipe or worse or realize they have to stop.
    This thread isn't talking about the small hackers with anti KB I'm talking about the people with fly, kill aura & aimbot, hack packs, etc.
    The "hardcore hackers" that just join the server or have been doing I for a while.
  15. So you are saying people like me and other famous server members/staff should have been permanently banned because we did not care at the time? People change, some of my best friends were hackers. Everyone changes, but by your standards a change factor is eliminated. Albert Einstein shouldn't have been let into College if that is true. Think about that.
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  16. mischiefluvr

    mischiefluvr Active Member

    I definitely agree with all those statements except the third. No matter the hack, the first warning should always be temporary, even if it months long. For number one, I agree completely, and I like the idea of adding something to a hackers name once un-banned.
  17. TheStealthyMiner

    TheStealthyMiner Well-Known Member

    Why won't you listen for a change :p i said the HARDCORE hackers, the people who don't care about the server. They only care about hacking and really could care less if it shows. Aimbot and kill aura hackers they don't care but wouldn't you agree a fly hacker, glider, Mega-rapid fire bow hacker cares anymore? You would agree the Aimbot and kill aura players care a little more but I'm talking about the hackers that hack with obscenely obvious OP hacks. Minor hacks like anti KB and kill aura aren't what #3 is about please get off that topic.
  18. I've only hacked once on the server, only once it was in BSG tho.
  19. People change.
  20. Elite4W

    Elite4W Well-Known Member

    enough of ban hammers. We shall upgrade to sledge ban hammers!
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