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  1. i heard that when u first get banned its meant to be for 7 days, but I've heard of issues where some players instantly get a 30 day or perm ban?
  2. That would suck... It might depend on what you're banned for, I guess?
  3. The staff team keeps the ban and mute lengths for different and number of infractions a secret. No one but them knows. However, it is safe to assume that different types of infractions recieve different punishments, and standard ban lengths have changed over time.
  4. i think that if u use modifications u r meant to begin with a 7 day ban, recently i was accused of using modifications and got banned for a month. Maybe if u play on a prototype game the punishment is harsher?
  5. All i know is that i never want to get permanently banned from Hypixel, its basically the only server i play on. I tried other servers but their just not the same...
  6. Don't break the rules and you won't have to worry about being banned.
  7. xD, thats not entirely true, theres something called a 'salty moderator'...
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  8. oh well, this thread is probs gonna get locked or deleted within the hour, thanx for the info
  9. And if that happens, there's something called a 'ban appeal'. :p Ban appeals are looked over by different people than the mods who ban people, so they are impartial.
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    Depends on what you're banned for. Hacking bans are now 30d for the first offense, though it used to be 7d to start out.
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  11. I don't think that's the case...
    Just avoid using any mods on Hypixel, they're all "use at your own risk" mods, so it's not impossible to get banned from them.
  12. Denied lol
  13. If you were denied that means you were guilty of something and they had evidence. I meant appeal if you were falsely banned by a 'salty mod', as you said.
  14. oh thats what u meant, well anyway i mentioned before that i was falsely accused of having used modifications or hacks.
  15. Nvm, thanx for the info and Happy New Year.
  16. It depends what your getting banned for.

    Generally you hear players get banned for hacking, and the first infraction for hacking is a 7 day ban
  17. Oh really when was this
  18. i got 30, falsely accused!
  19. Hypixel will always be my favourite and only server.
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    The first offence used to be 7 days, but staff changed it.
    Correct me if im wrong, but i think it now goes 30, 365 and perm
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