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  1. it also makes the people who do need it have a much more difficult time getting it, and again, its literally lapis armor of the end, it shouldn't be super rare like this :/
  2. So then what's the point of wise armor? The people that are complaining are the ones with ender armor that are dealing like 5k damage to zealots.
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  4. This change will make it easier to get the armor for those new to the end but harder for those farming zealots and as such don't need it. I doubt it will be super rare after this change but if will definitely be rarer. In any case the part about it being harder for new players to get it seems wrong as it's far easier to farm 4k's than zealots or 9k's.
  5. Pigman needs to be better than AOTD, it's way harder to get.
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  6. Did you read the aotd changes dumbo
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  7. What about a change to superior where instead of AOTDs ability dealing 50% more dmg it makes the AOTD do an extra 5% dmg?
  8. Green_Cubed

    Green_Cubed Active Member

    We need some kind of damage buff, or ability rework for Scorpion Foil. In it's current state it is worse than the Recluse Fang, while being exponentially more expensive.
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  9. Oh yeah, make it have a little more dmg or something, not strenght
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  10. For the new wise "buff" to +150:
    This is really ONLY a buff for godly reforges. If you have 300 mana rn with wise, you'll benefit from this change.
    HOWEVER, very wise is still losing around 300-400 effective mana. Giving a flat reduction to wise's ability simply wont work.
    I said this before, wise is a mana set, and shouldn't be balanced in such a way that a "buff" literally makes it worse to use mana based reforges than prior to the update. I was kind of ok with this being called a "change", but this is not a buff. The current effective mana of very wise is still
    I have two solutions:
    a) Give the wise ability a cooldown / falloff, so that it becomes less effective to spam use the mana reduction. This both helps to control wise and to make it more interesting to use.
    b) Make the wise ability SCALE with intelligence. Then, you can balance it so that godly users have a decent amount of max mana without hurting the very wise reforges. The numbers behind both of these ideas can obviously be tinkered, but its just a fact that adding max mana to wise will make godly reforge extremely powerful (which is already more commonly used than very wise) and decrease the viability of the very wise reforge.

    Also, considering the changes to rogue sword, it is likely that a wise change shouldn't even happen. Wise (and everything else other than armors that give speed) will be heavily crippled by the proposed rogue sword change, since it basically cuts the ability by half. I'm not sure what you're trying to do here, but I'm pretty sure that decreasing the viability of a mana reforge on a mana set is not anyone's idea of a flat buff.
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  11. They buffed the drop chance for the low level Enderman by I think 5 times so it’s easier to get for lower people because it’s drop rate from the low level Enderman would be the same as the current drop rate from the high level Enderman
  12. I deal 29k dmg with full very wise
  13. Do Not nerf the Raider axe, im with coins point But about from Epic to rare No.
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  14. Please make catalysts items that are able to upgrade certain weapons. I also put this essay up as a separate forums post.

    It is well known that some of the main drops in the zombie slayer are the undead catalysts and the revenant catalysts. In the description of the catalysts, it states that it is used to upgrade things. However, the only current use of catalysts that I am aware of is creating revenant and reaper falchions. I believe that catalysts should also be able to act in a similar manner as a wood singularity and upgrade zombie slayer weapons.

    Currently, the zombie slayer weapons (including the scythe) are terrible main weapons and have to be swapped with a main weapon like a leaping or an aspect of the dragons whenever you want to do anything other than killing zombies. However, by adding a feature that allows the zombie slayer weapons to be upgraded using catalysts actually will kill 3 metaphorical birds with one stone:

    1: it will give more use to catalysts and satisfy the description of them
    2: it will make zombie slayer weapons more viable for general use and reduce the need to store an extra weapon in your Hotbar, and
    3: it will allow weapons that have been nerfed (AHEM AHEM REAPER SCYTHE) a way to become more useful in spite of the nerf.

    My proposal (this should be taken lightly as I know nothing about how hypixel is planning to do things) is to make catalysts into craftable items that can be used in a craft to upgrade zombie slayer weapons, not unlike the silk edge leaping sword. I think each of these new items should be able to add strength to weapons and make them more viable primary weapons, like the wood singularity.

    Overall, I think that the certain weapons need to be able to have a buff added to them in order to make them more useful in general, and by making recipes with catalysts to upgrade them, catalysts will also be of more use.
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  15. 1. Diver and sponge need further buffs, with the current buffs diver is still worse than protector and therefore no one will use it. I am aware it will become more useful in future content but it should be balanced around current content until then.
    2. Zombie armor buff isn't enough, it still ends up with less ehp than cheaper sets and its set bonus is useless.
    3. Haste ring overwrites beacons, I'm not sure if beacons are even intended but it's annoying and many people keep it in echest as a result.
    4. Hydra head need upgrades, I responded to your previous post on it here:
  16. could you fix the bug where dragon frags wont stack?
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  17. SashimiDude

    SashimiDude Active Member

    Buff superior. Rn for its price, it's bad, especially considering the taran helm strong combo.

    Also nerf hurricane thanks

    And fix drop protection deleting items
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  18. Also on the topic of sea creatures. Can you guys make bows work on sea creatures again? Since the impaling enchantment on the bow is useless as all sea creatures are now immune to bow damage. Since fishing rod damage is buffed, there isn't a need to restrict the use of bow anymore.
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  19. So, no haste 2 on my haste ringo? ;-; (It takes 10.7 x the materials to craft a miner's outfit set)
    It's Grrreat that they won't take a potion slot anymore.

    The Strong drag armor adding 75 base dmg to AoTE is fine, it has a similar effect as what getting the wood singularity for a tactician's sword is.
    If you're gonna lower it or up it, don't deviate much.
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  20. ihnl

    ihnl New Member

    The Undying XD
    Well since my ender armor idea was basically shot down I'm just going to ignore the ender armor and give my opinion on every other est affected, though I still think it should be nerfed

    Why is the grappling hook cool down still removed? that's incredibly overpowered and at MOST it should just have cool down REDUCTION if you want proof to how this is insane try to compete for a wise dragon to someone who has 0 cd on their grappling hook

    First its insulting that you call this a buff it is 100% a nerf and there is no way of hiding this, I have 490 mana with wise dragon right now and that acts as 980 mana if I have the new wise dragon armor I have 630 mana that acts as 819 mana and 980>819 mana and my mana is actually quite low for wise dragons and the problem is more apparent with more mana

    Having 15s per charge is still incredibly long very few times when you need zombie sword will you only use it 4 times I think you should make the number of uses 6 or more and increase the recharge time if you really think that it is to powerful

    I don't really see the point in increasing the speed cap when it is already going to be very difficult reaching 400% speed much less maintaining it i think it should just have the set bonus give a little more speed or make the armor a little more tanky

    Why done i even see a mention of the rouge sword changes its way to weak, ok fine its a free sword then give us a way to upgrade it and actually get speed if the changes were to occur speed would basically be unchangeable to anyone not in full wise young armor, as technoblade showed off speed is incredibly hard to change so rouge sword is very important, yes i know more ways to increase speed have been added but none of them are incredibly great

    Im a solo player but i have a lot of friends that also play skyblock I want to make a coop with them but were all solo and have no way to change this so I think you should gain the ability to make solo profiles coop profiles, it would also be nice if you reduced the cooldown on blacksmith and made it so you can buy things from the end shops in larger quantities

    Sorry I made another post with 10 million spoilers ruasonid lol, ok it's not actually that many but if I get any more ideas I'm adding them
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