1. buff reaper scythe back to what it was or atleast make it that the zombie copy 60 - 80% of the stats instead of the shitty 20% it's completely useless now
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  2. diver and pigman buff
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  3. Divers and Sponge armor are both in desperate need of a buff, and imo Divers should be an upgraded Angler armor in terms of ability (higher % chance to catch sea creatures)
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  4. Z00mbeyy

    Z00mbeyy New Member

    buff protector.
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  5. SnowAj

    SnowAj Active Member

    divers armor buff divers armor buff
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  6. KalterKakao

    KalterKakao New Member

    Add Health buffs to Perfect Armor tier VI-X and add new tiers like XI-XV where every tier gives you more health and defense but also one additional stat each like +20 crit damage at tier XI, +40 speed at tier XII and stuff like that. The Perfect Armor should at least be one of the best armors in the game but right now it is not even near to that
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  7. Birbness

    Birbness Active Member

    Explosive Bow buff
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  8. Scorpion bow are much more harder to get then runnans, but since wise + scorpion cant be better then runnans + superior cuz superior + runnans cost way more then scorpion + wise, we should change scorpion bow by makeing the mana cost low, but have a cooldown like, 10 seceonds.

    In that way, scorpion will be more better then runnans IF you use a damageing armor.
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  9. Buff runaan so it will crit even if it isn't fully charged
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  10. Nerf / Rogue Sword / Time before action / Sum of the speed

    To give more importance to the young set and to make the wise set use for other reasons
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  11. maybe early late game. perfect costs 4.300.000k (tier X).
  12. I will write something about Reaper Scythe, and Reaper mask, and how much those items are useless and why

    Reaper scythe:
    1. Zombies deal ONLY 20% Damage of your damage, and cause Invincibility frames

    Zombie's limit is 5, with reaper mask is 10
    So theoretically, Without mask you're dealing 100% more damage, and with it 200% more?
    Wrong. Zombies, because they cause invincibility frames, cause to deal ONLY 40% damage of yours.
    While Devs would have a reason to nerf damage, damage should have reflection in how much pain is to grind this item

    Proposed changes:
    Let's be honest, last zombie design was semi fine, because frames would limit damage output
    That's why first proposition is to completly revert, or buff it to 75% of your damage
    why? Two zombies in this optuonwhile damaging, will cause enemy to take 150%-200% of your damage, and nothing more

    Idea number 2:
    Remove Invincibility frames

    Make Zombie swarm actuall swarm, that will ping enemies to death

    Idea number 3:
    Zombie Tiers
    You have limit of 1 zombie, with mask 2

    Every desacration near your zombie will upgrade it to
    Desacrated Zombie 20% dmg
    Desacrated ghoul 40% dmg
    Desacrated Revenant 80% dmg
    Desacrated Reaper 160% dmg

    They will also gain extra health and reduced loss of hp to reflect price in mana, for example
    100% 2% zombie
    200% 1,5% ghoul
    300% 1% Revenant
    400% 0,5% Reaper

    Also, add ornamented zombie armor, or buff current one, third ability of zombie armor suck, because zombie armor is trash
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  13. Buff :
    (Super urgent)
    Emerald blade
    Reaper Mask
    Scorpion foil
    Emerald armor
    Spirit mask(nvm no one buy it)
    Ornate Zombie sword
    (not really urgent)

    Sponge armor :
    Really? 20 fishing minion working on island, still take 3~4 month to get it, and it is terribly bad in terms of stats and ability.
    Suggestions :
    Direct rework,
    Stats : Total def=>over 650 at least or even perfect beat it although it is also super bad.
    Epic => Legendary

    Alternative : Price nerf to 16*24 Enchanted sponge, but still suggest buff def to 400 or above.

    Diver :
    Total stats =>beat all dragon except/include old. It is meant to be super end game, but now Dragon armors completely destroy it.
    Epic => Legendary

    Emerald blade :
    140 damage => 170 damage
    Increase Strength instead of damage, but reducing at much slower speed.
    carrying 10000 coins
    +200 damage(I don't sure)=>
    +170 damage
    +80 strength
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  14. Add an ability to the obsidian chestplate that negates all wither effect damage. The reason I say this should happen is that currently the chestplate is useless and sells for almost nothing considering how rare of a drop it is. If anything, this could increase the value of the chestplate. After all, it is supposed to be an endgame item.

    On another note, ender armor has become completely worthless. It is so common now you can barely sell it on the AH. What I recommend changing (though you may have waited too late on this) is its ability to drop from chest zealots. If the only way to get the armor is to actually grind the Enderman in the end, the item would be more balanced and likely gain some value from the change.
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  15. 1. Increase wand healing for later tier wands

    Wand of mending: 30 hp/s for 7s —> 35 hp/s for 7s

    Wand of restoration: 40 hp/s for 7s —> 50 hp/s for 7s

    The final orb upgrade increases duration by 30s I don’t think it’s too ridiculous to buff the healing wands abit, especially for wand of restoration which is unlocked really late.

    2. Ornate Zombie Sword
    Increase healing and scale down the damage and strength to the normal zombie sword.
    Heal per use: 132 hp —> 150 hp
    Heal for allies: 44 hp —> 50 hp

    3. Buff the reaper mask ffs.
    2 stacks of Viscera and a revived heart and a RNGesus drop to get the equivalent/marginally worse stats of the revived heart. Perfectly balanced.
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  16. There's several items in need of buffs, and one or two minor adjustements that would be ideal.

    First, pigman sword. It's a lot harder to get compared to AOTD, yet is pretty much outclassed by it. Right now there's really no good reason to grind for one, unless you just want to collect all the swords in the game or something. So I'd suggest giving a slight increase to the sword's damage and/or strength. If not that, then maybe add some armor later on that buffs the sword, similar to Superior armor buffing AOTD's ability.

    Second, Hurricane bow needs a minor change to make it slightly more useful. Every time the kill counter for it increases, it resets any charge the bow had. Particularly problematic since bows no longer crit if not fully charged. That said, it'd be nice if the item's lore stopped increasing after the 250 kills required to hit quintuple shots.

    Third, bows in general should really have that crit nerf reduced a bit. It's been mentioned before but getting no chance of a crit even if you charged 90+% is pretty silly. The odds of a crit should scale up as you charge your shots for longer, it just makes more sense and would help stop dragon fights from stalling out too long.

    Forth, and most important for me at least:
    The ornate zombie sword (OZS) really leaves something more to be desired. For 1 enchanted gold block, and a really hard to come by epic drop, you get a whopping 12 more HP for yourself per use, and an extra 4 HP for people around you...Yeah that's really not much of an increase over the zombie sword. Especally after it got nerfed from healing 20% to you and 10% to other players, I really feel the healing needs a significant increase to make the upgrade worth it.
    I'd suggest either setting the OZS healing to what the zombie sword used to be with healing a % of HP instead of specific amounts, or if that's too OP, then 140-150 healing for you, and 50-60 for nearby players. That's not insanely high but is enough above the zombie sword to be more worth the time.
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  17. I mean stuff like mosquito bow is currently trash. So either inprove the ability to do more dmaage or it's base stats so it has a significant lead over runnans. Also buff protector. It's the worst drag set in the game and basically no one wants it. Like maybe buff it's defence by 15% so it's actually considerable when compared to even young or old.
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  18. Agious

    Agious Active Member

    GetRiced RICED
    Explosive Bow

    - The bow didn't do full damage on impact (only 100 damage which kinda weird).

    - The bow is really good but the ability is stupid. That's why it should be fixed.
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  19. First, perfect armor :
    double the reforges (a bit op, 200 mana/piece?)
    or add speed to boots, jump boost to leggings, strength to chestplate, health to helmet
    maybe basically add health, maybe strength to survive wolves, and deal a bit more damage.
    or as a full set bonus : you gain a 1/10 chance to block damages.

    Pigman Sword :
    1k damage is nothing, make the damage based on our stats, because if an early game player gets the sword, 1k is good for him, but the sword is LATE game...
    add crit chance/dmg or basic damage/strength since, as everybody says, it s supposed to be better than aotd (which is even boosted w/ superior !)

    rogue sword :
    add a cooldown, not that big, but still...

    golem sword:
    buff golem sword's strength, everybody prefers aote which is easier to get, to make it more valuable, add the ability to launch people in the air and deal damage...

    ender Armor :
    nerf the drop rate by not dropping from enderchest zealots, buff the selling price (at spawn, miner armor prot 5 sells for more).

    add more defense to old and protector, increase Young set s speed and health...

    currently, stone swords havent been used yet, and there are several diamond swords... Use stone swords please.
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  20. Buff silk-edge sword at the moment no one uses it because it's expensive, isn't so much stronger so it's worth and you also lose the leap ability
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