1. Its price is similar to aote and it is like way better... I guess they can buff other swords to fix this
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  2. When you made blaze armor, you gave it an ability which does % damage to the enemies around it. Only a few weeks ago did you realize that this was a bad idea, so you capped the damage at 500, which makes the armor completely useless, and wastes the time of people like me who spent months grinding blazes specifically for the armor (I have over 1.4m collected blaze rods). If you increase the cap, let's say to something like 10,000 damage, that will do 300,000 damage to a tier IV slayer boss in 30 seconds, which is pretty decent for a passive ability. However, the armor does nothing in PvP, and it is worthless against lower-level enemies. The armor has also been bugged since it came out, as blazing aura doesn't even work on passive mobs or mobs affected by cubism. The best option at this point is to change the ability. Maybe the armor could apply true fire damage to your attacks, or possibly increase your strength the more chained hits you get in a row. You could keep blazing aura, but make it do a set amount of damage based on the number of blaze rods you have in your collection, of course also fixing the current bugs with it. There's a lot of potential here, I hope it doesn't go to waste! Thanks for reading this. :)
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  3. That is also a good idea. Maybe this can make skills actually matter if some more armor sets or items have this restriction.
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  4. Aote will still be useful for teleporting. Both leaping and aote have movement buffs while the Raider Axe just has a coin buff.
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  5. BurnAllTheNons

    BurnAllTheNons Active Member

    instead of Buffing stuff like perfect and emerald just make health and defense stats more useful so it pairs well with strength/crit dmg
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  6. I think old drag armor should get some sort of strength/crit buff. Maybe like a 1 or 2 percent on each piece so it doesn't become to overpowered. This buff would probably make the Old drag set become more useful and bring back its relevancy, comparing to those of strong/unstable armor. Thx
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  7. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    It's About the cost of aote to make and reforge itself. My thing is I don't want to have to deal with the jump from mid to end as heavily and this weapon is great for assisting that jump, maybe make it more expensive but I'll be damned if the weapon needs a Nerf.
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  8. LSad

    LSad New Member

    Xs Squad
    If you get an Aspect Of the dragons From a wise Dragon it should co enside with the wise set so for every Drag You kill the gear set should have its own kind of Aspect of the Dragons Special Weapon that goes with it. Wise AOTD should have +100 mana. Strong Should be +50 strength. Superior AOTD Should be a combonation. Old Should be +10% health. Protector should be +5% damage Reduction. young should be +25% movement speed. and Unstable Should Be A gimic and randomly teleport somewhere when you right click
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  9. Diver armor needs a buff badly. The reason for this being is that emperor skulls are very hard to even be able to get (Unlocking the emperor in fishing level 20 is a long grind, even with minions) let alone actually obtain them. Being used to craft diver armor, they are practically useless, as diver armor has no practical uses yet. The value of the emperor skulls and diver armor is 100% reliant on an update coming out that will utilize it. With this in mind, I have a few ideas to make the diver armor relevant.
    1.) Release an update that utilizes the set bonus of the armor
    Yes, I know this is an obvious one, but honestly, it would probably be the best buff the armor could get. For having a very unique full set bonus, there just isn't anything in the game that either requires you to have it, or would have the efficiency of something increase by using the set bonus.
    2.) Adding additional stat bonuses
    What comes to my mind when I think of adding a bonus stat, probably fitting best as a full set bonus, would be something similar to the sponge armor. The idea would be having a certain stat increase while you are in water. If done, I think the sponge armor should be reworked, as it is near impossible to get that set, and the set has underwhelming bonuses (for the difficulty of acquiring it).
    3.) Changing the rarity from epic to legendary
    Having this super exclusive item that comes from a top tier boss is cool and all, but when the armor does not really have a use and is of epic rarity, there are way better alternatives that are easier to obtain. Changing this armor's rarity from Epic to Legendary would help with the reforge bonuses and make this armor more appealing to wear, overall.
    (This last one isn't an armor/weapon buff, but rather creating another use of emperor skulls)
    4.) Adding more crafting recipes for emperor skulls
    Being able to craft talismans or new weapons exclusive to emperor skulls would be a huge bonus for emperor skulls and the fishing community all together. This one is pretty self explanatory.

    If you have any ideas/feedback feel free to let me know!
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  10. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    I partially agree with this, I think a major buff to some of the dragon sets would be that the aotd would fluctuate depend on who is using it. However, this would also remove superiors main functionality of rarity so I wouldn't know if it's viable.
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  11. Reaper scythe:
    This item is extremely expensive and doing 20% damage will only occupy invincibility frames. There are already too much complaints about this. Make it deal around 50% damage and make the zombies have higher hp should be balanced
    Right now reaper scythe's price has fallen to 20mil, that is ridiculous. That means reaper scythe is completely useless right now.
    Hurricane bow:
    Fix the bug where you can deal full damage when not fully charged. Ppl abuse this bug and deal insane damage to dragons. A bow that costs 100k should not deal that much damage. Also its side arrows should be nerfed to 50% damage
    Spider hat:
    This item only costs 8 spider eyes, but it's too helpful. 50% less damage from spiders is too op.
    My thoughts: Reduce the damage reduction to like 20%.
    Maybe make an upgraded spider hat crafted with slayer materials?
    Reaper Fachion & Scorpion Foil
    I dont know why, but the reaper falchion multiplies overall damage by 300%, while scorpion only adds 150% base damage. Please make them the same, either nerf reaper falchion or buff scorpion foil
    My suggestion: buff scorpion foil so it does 150% more overall damage to spiders

    Mosquito Bow:
    I did some maths and found out that this bow is worse than runaan's. I suggest making its ability useful, because this bow is around 100 times more expensive but worse than runaan's?
    That healing idea is nice, we need a healing bow, so it becomes useful in some situations. But right now the healing is too weak.
    1. Fix infinite quiver enchant making the ability not triggering.
    2.Buff the ability. My thoughts:
    Consumes 111 mana
    Deals 31% more damage

    Heals for 3% of the damage when hit
    3s cooldown
    Perfect Armor
    Admins claim that this set gives a lot of ehp and might be useful in the future when something requires a lot of tankiness
    But there is another set called mastiff armor which provides more ehp than perfect. Yes, mastiff set reduces your damage, but, it keeps you alive longer when using orbs, and mastiff set is also very good against true damage.
    I agree that perfect armor gives good defense and does not reduce your damage, but the defense it gives is too low imo. Superior set gives slightly less ehp than perfect, but it also increases your damage by a decent amount, which makes lifesteal heal for more.
    I understand that admins want to make this set the best tank set in the game, but it's not tanky enough, since it costs 4mil diamonds to craft.
    Suggestion: buff the defense of the whole t10 set to around 1500 (current is 1200)

    Fly Catcher
    This item requires an rngesus drop and 6*17=102 tarantula silks to make a minion work 10% faster
    Minion expander already makes the minion 5% faster, so 10% faster is a very small improvement, but the most important thing is that this item is too expensive to craft.
    Right now a tarantula silk costs about 200k, that means this item requires 20mil plus an rngesus drop, and can be applied to only one minion. It takes forever to make that money back.
    Suggestion: make the recipe require 6 silk only
    Hunter Talisman & Hunter Ring:
    These two talismans are ridiculously expensive
    Hunter talisman requires a stack of golden teeth which is about 12.8mil
    Hunter ring requires 4 stacks (50mil) plus an rngesus drop that values at least 50mil
    But their rarities are way too low.
    As the most expensive talisman in the game, hunter ring deserves a legendary rarity.
    Suggestion: buff hunter talisman rarity to epic(or rare) and hunter ring to legendary
    Reaper Mask
    Another useless item, the funny thing is that it is actually a DOWNGRADE from revived heart. It's supposed to be good with reaper scythe, but who needs more than 5 zombies? Also, reaper scythe gets nerfed so there's really no point of using this helmet.
    My suggestion: make this an actually good helmet that can be paired with tuxedos/rev sets/etc.
    Mana: 200mana
    Hp: 200 hp
    Defense: 100defense
    Doubles your hp when paired with tuxedo suit
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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  12. buff pigman sword and diver armor and shredder

    diver needs 24 emperor catches for the full set and the ability is currently useless and the defense and health is too low and overshadowed by dragon armor. diver armor should be at the same area of superior or a bit below.

    shredder is a terrible fishing rod since it gives no sea creature catch rate and even if you wanted to use it as a weapon it takes too long to max out and a sword would be much better

    pigman needs 1.2 million porkchops to make and is the 4th or 5th best weapon right now. the grind is not worth the damage. it doesnt need a huge buff but just a bit so it can’t be overshadowed by the tactictians sword

    also emerald might want a slight buff as well
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  13. Buff pigman sword. It takes over a month of extensive grinding *afking* but it is really a hassle crafting the 1.228 million pork into enchanted grilled pork, and considering it takes this long and comparing it to the aspect of the dragons which only needs rng and 2-4 sum eyes, it should be very clear that pigman should be one of the best if not the best sword in the game.
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  14. I think a lot of the sets from before 0.7 (the end update) are now overlooked because of Dragon armor or even just Ender, especially the best sets such as the Diver's or Emerald. They could really use a buff so they aren't worse than any dragon set in every way possible by making their max effective health higher because they don't take a short time to get.
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  15. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    Hurricane bow needs the crit nerf for the not drawn yes, the side arrows maybe not. And what's wrong with easy crafts for farming slayer bosses when slayer gear is abysmally hard to get/useless? Its just adding to a needless grind vs something being too overpowered. If anything you could just tack on a kill requirement if you think it's too much
  16. i like the requirements for gear idea, but i disagree with the rework on midas and the nerf on wise because one the midas costs 50 MILLION COINS so it should be really good and the wise set doesn't have anything good except for mana so why take away what it is good at
  17. Buff the talisman of love at max level to be 1 in 10 chance to double damage. Also buff perfect armor
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  18. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    My general issue with dragons is people with dragon armor are going to outperform you in any way possible unless you shell out cash for a dragon set and join the toxicity. Especially since it's gated to farm zealots which people with dragon sets are going to outperform u on. Making some of the harder collection gear better would provide a bridge in between that dragon farming rift.
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  19. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    Wise is a dilemma issue that is due to the abuse of the easiest sword in the game to get has such a broken ability upon use, however it's also even more broken when paired with a wise set. Whether or not wise deserves the nerf or the method deserves a Nerf is a different issue.
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  20. Please buff scythe for the sole reason of giving people a reason to grind rev quests again
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