1. abzers

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    NoWifi NOWIFI
    Please, buff reaper mask. 90+ People agree so far. It's cost is ridiculous for a very minuscule buff to defense, along with a downgrade of 50 intelligence. Along with the recent nerf of the scythe (which I also massively disagree with,) it is essentially useless to upgrade to. The zombie slayer category of gear is absolutely pathetic in terms of potential compared to wolf and spider.

    There are suggestions in the linked thread, most of them surrounding the viability of the buff to zombie armor and the rarity. I propose that the reaper mask's rarity is changed to legendary, the intelligence at least 150, the defense 50, and that zombie armor is increased in defense and health while wearing the mask.
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  2. Remast

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    Legend <3
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  3. Buff Young’s speed.
    Young is supposed to be the set for speed, not wise.
    Make it faster.
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  4. -Rework Emmy Blade (Too high risk for almost no reward)
    -Rework Midas (High Reward for no Risk, Money Farming meta breaks the game and makes it toxic)
    -Add requirements for gear, (Appropriate levels in respective skills) To soft cap what people have access too.
    -Rework The Abandoned armor sets, (So many of them have become Irrelevant because of the lack of a mid game and the meta around damage.)


    the #wisegang are really toxic to the games experience.
    They impact that grind in the end negatively to en extreme.
    Where it stands, if you get stuck in a lobby of 2-3 wise players, you aren't going to be grinding Zealots.
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  5. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    Buff or rework mastiff armor to be viable beyond a meatshield set. Although true protection exists mastiff armor isn't good enough to warrant the work it requires.

    Buff crystal armor to add scaling to the health or make it a flat percentage stat increase or decrease dependent on light value.

    Adding a common agreeance about the reaper scythe as a weapon needing a rollback on the current adjusted ability to increase the damage it does by about 50% if not back to full. The justification is the current requirements of the item outweigh the overpowered ability it has, and the ability is more of a gimmick than anything gameplay affecting.

    Buff some of the midtier gear armor sets to be comparable to dragon armor but not on the level. While ender armor is solid in the end we need more sets for mid entry to dragon fights and slayer bosses.
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  6. notnotmelon

    notnotmelon Well-Known Member

    nerf aotd by 10 str

    as soon as you get it you deal over double your previous damage, and the sword makes pigman completely useless
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  7. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    Definitely agree to the level cap/requirements for gear. Its destroying the gear meta when if I have 200k day one I can essentially have a jump from early to mid end in terms of gear. Ember rod is skippable now since u can go for an aote easy.
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  8. pls give strong a new ablitiy
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  9. The strong armor & Slayer quests

    Something needs to be done about the T4 wolf, at this stage its just praying it doesnt crit me before I get him to 1mil hp.
    - I have a full set of godly strong armor, a considerable amount of talismans , and a AOTD with 10 HPB.
    - I tank his hits with a shaman sword (-20% dmg from wolf) + wolf ring (-10% dmg from wolf)
    - I have regen 7
    - I have 185 fairy souls
    - 1245 HP
    I still get 1 shot

    Im sure this applies to unstable armor as well, which is also capable of doing t4 sven

    Morever, I have 230 ping, so if I get hit too far from sven I get tped back and get hit a few more times, normally I end up dying.

    Only superior can survive the crit damage, barely. This doesnt make sense to me (Also Perfect wouldn't work because its True dmg)

    There is 0 skill involved, and until I save up 40 million coins for that yellow armor set, Ill just have to pray to rng gods that Sven doesnt crit me.

    *Update, I fully hot potato booked my armor, now I can tank 4 normal hits / 1 crit + 1 normal hit*
    I got wolf slayer 6 and im never touching a sven again
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  10. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    I partially agree here since aote is slowly getting phased out due to the new equips. Strong needs to have less of a gimmick and more of a damage set setup
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  11. 1. Buff Diver armor: Even with its ability in water it is not worth the time and there are not many places in the map with water, maybe with the full set your fishing rod damage is increased or increase the rate of getting treasures or rare sea creatures (Epic and legendary ones)?
    2. Ender armor is too cheap but is a late mid-game item: Maybe add different tiers to ender armor and nerf the existing one. Using ender pearls to upgrade the armor seems good.
    3. Buff ink wand: The effect is too useless for 1 stack of enchanted ink sac used to craft it. Maybe if the ability also stuns the enemy for like 1 second and is an AOE effect then it will actually be worth it

    Also I think the old dragon armor ability does not actually fit with the theme of the dragon sets.
    Young: Speed
    Strong: Strength
    Protector: Armor
    Unstable: Crit chance / damage
    Wise: Intelligence
    Superior: Superior

    Old should be focused on health but it somehow increases the armor too.
    Maybe it can be changed to "Your speed is always set to 100, all increase to speed beyond 100 will become health instead (300 maximum)" This fits into the idea that old creatures generally walk slower. 300 health increase isn't too overpowered considering you need to be at speed cap and you are giving up the 20 armor from improved protection and the boost in feather falling.
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  12. Buff Pigman Sword
    It's not even worth the grind anymore if a AOTD can easily outclass it and be obtained much easier
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  13. Twerpus

    Twerpus New Member

    Farmer boots and lantern helm should have better base stats or better scaling. A buff to growth armor would also be nice.
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  14. 0kur

    0kur New Member

    potatoping OKUR
    Buff Perfect armour.

    At this point, so many people have pointed this out. Its the most expensive armour in the game right now and it's just 100eHP above superior, while trading out almost half your damage. I don't have to explain how bad it is - it has already been pointed out by so many people.

    Consider everything in this comment means Perfect as in tier X, g5p5 and full potato, and also consider everything reforged godly. And also that Superior and Perfect tX are of the same magnitude of armour.

    So here are my ideas.

    1.) Buff the raw defence of the set.

    In so many perfect armour buff threads, it has been pointed out that the theme of diamond armour is having a high defence. Perfect, despite having a respectable defence (~+1350), it doesn't have enough. My idea for this is to simply buff the raw defence it gives. From +20/tier, make it +40/tier, or even +50/tier. For +40/tier, you would have ~2200 defence. That translates to an eHP of around 25k with 1080 HP (which is my HP right now). With +50/tier, it would translate to ~2500 defence which is around 28k eHP.

    In my opinion, this is fair, considering Superior has almost double the damage of Perfect (using aotd and some 45 talismans) and has 16k eHP, and perfect as of now has only a 1% advantage from it. It only makes sense for perfect to have twice the eHP of Superior if Superior deals twice the damage.

    2.) Stat buffs.

    This idea is from a thread i forgot from whom. Basically apart from adding diamond blocks, you can strengthen your perfect armour with different ore types, giving it different stat buffs. Emerald HP, Redstone Strength, Coal Crit Damage, Gold Crit Chance, Lapis Intelligence, Iron Speed. They can be added to the armour by surrounding the piece with 4 enchanted blocks of the corresponding ore, and only can be added once. This gives it a fair fight against Superior.
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  15. Buffs

    High Level Slayer Gear is incredibly hard to get (maybe by design)
    and you've always mentioned that any grind in the game should first be "fun". The slayer quests are not fun, they are tedious and a money sink at that.
    I suggest that we get all RNGsus drops for reaching Slayer level 8.
    Specifically the ones that we haven't gotten yet after all the grinding put into the bosses. It takes millions of coins to reach that point, and it's a headache having to grind the same boss over and over again. If the lore of skyblock is supposed to be fun, please give these pieces of gear some attention.


    • Nerf Rouge Sword. It outclasses any speed item you can add to the game if you've got wise armor. Maybe even make it upgradable so you can still get the same speed many wise sets get right now, without it being a starter weapon that everyone has. I'd suggest combining the Rouge Sword, Hunter Knife, and a lot of enchanted sugarcane in order to make the "Rouge Blade". If Rouge Sword effects don't stack, then the Rouge Blade would have stacking speed effects.

    New Armors

    • More bonuses should be dedicated to different things. Right now we have a few set bonuses dedicated to combat, and a lot for fishing. Make the Growth Armor (Or another new armor type) give a benefit to the foraging skill. Maybe an xp boost or a drop boost since those two are just switching around a few numbers.

    • For farming, add a farmers set (not the wheat ones) that increase the drops from crops. Alternatively these could act like the Farmer's Orb and increase crop respawn rates for all players in a farming lobby.
    New Tools
    • Add upgrades to the Jungle axe please. Maybe reduce the cooldown of it, or make it so that it chops down a larger amount of the tree. Some of the new trees are harder to reach now, so an upgraded axe range could help.

    • A Harvesting axe would be nice. Right now you can't apply harvesting to an axe, so this would help out people who like farming pumpkins rather than zealots
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  16. I don't know if this would make it too strong, but perhaps allow Golem sword's "Iron Punch" scale with intelligence or strength? Something like this.

    Iron Punch

    Damage :: 250 (+10 per strength)
    Radius :: 3 (+1 every 250 mana)

    Disclaimer :: Values can be adjusted as necessary.

    Just something that might encourage users to try out different builds with golem sword. Instead of scaling iron punch with strength, it might could even be defense. (Although defense is easier to get than strength.)
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  17. Buff Mastiff Armour

    Add True Defense Bonus and maybe increase the crit dmg effectiveness for every wolfs killed
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  18. 1. buff Perfect and give more ehp for it, since it costs a lot

    2. Nerf Raider Axe by a few damage, it is making other midgame swords useless

    3. Buff Golem Sword to 100 dmg 120 str since it is purely useless since the ability is trash and the damage is less than aote.

    4. Nerf Ender set or its drop rate, it is too easy to get as a decent set. Maybe reduce its rarity to rare
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  19. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    I'd rather them add a combat level requirement for the end set.
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  20. SoccMc

    SoccMc Active Member

    Raider axe doesn't need a Nerf, overall it's viability depends on how often you are grinding. Leaping might need a buff and some of the others a rework.
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