1. Buff end stone bow
    Damage 140-150
    Strength 0-30
    Crit damage 0-20%

    Mana 0-100
    Make ability stun the mob for 0,5 second per 100 mana used doesn’t work on bosses (the rest off the ability stays same)

    I forgot this bow because I just never hear from it and it’s damage is only combined with crit and then just added to the normal damage wich is very weak
    Make its ability have another effect like end-stone sword giving you resistance
    I want to have this bow be like a sniper bow
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  2. Maybe sponge armour will get reduced damage from mobs there (sea creatures?)
  3. xMJGold

    xMJGold Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    Because the Ember Rod is a boss drop and an AOTE isn’t?
  4. This is actual BS, ender armor players complaining about people who use wise armor because they're in an area they shouldn't be in yet because the armor is op and should've just been nerfed
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  5. idFerno

    idFerno Member

    Add 2 more rows to accessory bag, very large redstone collection. But nerf talismans so they dont give as much. id rather carry them all and get a lower buff.
  6. HelloDudess

    HelloDudess New Member

    Wise armor does not need its nerf, as rouge sword is already getting nerfed making the reason why wise was annoying in the first place obsolete, I see no reason in making to wise armor weaker right now as the zombie sword is also getting a rework as well (as the zombie sword made the wise armor tanky in the first place)
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  7. this is great as it keeps everyone out of the dragons den untill theve done the grinding deserved to get in there
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  8. no proof of that
  9. just a suggestion/idea
  10. Increase the mosquitos bow ability, by placing 25% damage, and cost 10% of mana, also increase the strength up to 150, with fully charged thing I'm ok if these changes are applied.

    Crit Damage:9%

    Ability: Nasty bite:
    Costs 10% of mana
    Deals 25% more damage
    Heal for x2 mana consumed
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  11. When I said "I was looking for you," I was referencing a guy from a thread discussing whether or not the reaper mask needed a buff.
  12. Prospeqt

    Prospeqt New Member

    Please dont change the raiders axe if it turns to rare then i cant 1 shot zealots wh cant noobs like me get 1 thing to help us
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  13. Perfect Armor - Buff

    The equation for EHP currently is H + HD/100. This equation shows that EHP increases based on your max health and defense, and that stacking a single stat is actually inefficient at building EHP due to the slope of the equation being based on the other stat.

    Here is an example:

    Lets say you have 100 health and 1000 defense.

    For an increase of 1 defense, you gain 1 EHP because the slope of the equation with respect to defense is H/100 = 1.

    For an increase of 1 health, you gain 11 EHP because the slope of the equation with respect to health is 1+(D/100) = 11.

    The current proposed perfect armor change results in a continued stacking of defense. While this suits the identity of the set, I believe this is not ideal in solving it's current problems. As stated above, continuing to stack defense does not increase EHP as much as bringing your health up to match it, and because it does not make sense for the perfect armor to give health I propose a different idea.

    Make the perfect armor provide a full set bonus which improves the damage reduction formula.

    For example, the new formula could be 95/(D+95) instead of 100/(D+100). This would solve the EHP falloff issue and provide an incentive to wear the full set.

    The number doesnt have to be 95 that's just an example. tbh I'm happy with any buff for perfect, and thank you for reading my post.
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  14. man im sorry to say but you are so wrong on so many levels
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  15. can we agree to disagree?
  16. That's bannable you know that right and you cant afk multiple profiles at the same time and you cant use salts to that's also bannable
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  17. yes i believe so
  18. oh i thought you were saying that would make it too op
  19. It would thats what i was trying to say. That buff would be insane. A more reasonable number would be like 95 or something lol
  20. How? Currently perfect is too weak for the time and resources required to get it.
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