1. UB0T

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    Lucid LUCID
    Don’t nerf aotd drop chances and ruin the Econ. Just buff Pigman a bit more
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  2. Almost all of them is perfect!! But just why does the wise set need to nerf from 50% to 30% like its rare to find the wise dragon i prefer it goes to 40%
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  3. IG88_0x

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    About the wise armor and rouge sword, again.

    30% cost reduction is wayyy to much of a nerf, 40% is ok but if you really don't like that 50% cost reduction,
    replace it with double mana regen.
    Doube regen will make it less spammy but keep it consistent. With that, the extra mana is not needed.

    Rouge sword needs an upgrade mechanic, it's too easy to get for its power, it should be buffed a lot at the max lvl but nerfed more at he base lvl.

    AotD needs a different nerf, people don't like rng especially when it comes to expensive end game gear. I think that the previous change where u have to place 3+ eyes is much better.

    I like the young drag change, but why keep the speed cap at all? It's a legendary armor.

    Stop focusing Strong's full set bonus on a single rare sword, it does not suit a theme of strength at all, replace it, for example, with something that buffs abilities of all swords.

    Crystal armor needs a rework, its design is just annoying now. The main problem is losing mana instantly when entering darker areas.
    I'd say its ability should let you charge up by standing in the light, let you trigger the ability at any time that will give you an overall stat boost depending on how much charge was used. Nothing would be lost when entering darker areas, it would simply charge slower or not at all.

    The rest are good :)
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  4. It's already really strong after the new changes, being a set focused purely on speed.
  5. On phone rn so bit lazy to quote, but I definitely disagree with aotd being dropped at 3 eyes. It just creates a lot of weird situations
  6. i want the raider axe to not change
  7. I really want to state out the fact that the developers shouldn't buff/nerf depending on how much they go on ah. Instead, they should buff it according to the difficulty to obtain the armor (like Jay explained somewhere else). Young and Wise dragons both have an approximately 16% chance to spawn, so the difficulty of obtaining the armor not via auction house is the same.

    Also I think the new change is actually quite good. It actually gives more effective mana and makes the set more versatility.
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  8. I do think you should explain why do you think that for the devs to consider your suggestion, else you would just sound very unreasonable.
  9. I sad cuz I kust bought wise set and now it gonna get a hard nerf @Jayavarmen please either make it 200+ intel and 30% reduction or 150+ and 40% please no 150+ and 30% that garbage for like a 4 mil set
  10. They need to consider both. Something like the AotD situation in the auction needs to have some action taken as soon as possible. That needs to be considered because it is literally ruining the game progression.
  11. zeen12345

    zeen12345 Member

    Needing to brew pots to kill zealots would be pretty good for balancing too.
  12. HappyAgain

    HappyAgain New Member

    U guys know u guys nerfed wise armor. Plz buff it again u nerf everything thats a little OP
  13. Yeah some the of people compare pigman cost in materials most of the time with how much a AOTD cost on auction while you need do more effort to fight a Dragon and have the gear for it compared to a pig minion and time
  14. I really think giving perfect armor some kind of true defense be it in a set bonus or normal stats makes alot of sense. Thematically its supposed to be "perfect" armor and it seeing as we haven't seen much of true defense elsewhere it would be the perfect set to put it on.
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  15. They nerfed the max use of Mana you have but you gained more mana regen and magic damage (eventually) with that +150 mana
  16. Hey so I think the Wise armour and rogue sword is totally unbalanced. Instead of the rogue sword only giving +20 speed, you should make it so it gives +15 speed and take away -100 mana or more from the Wise set and make the ability give you %50 ability cost. This will make it so Wise won't completely become terrible, this method for grinding sum eyes should still be a thing. This is my opinion I just think that Hypixel nerf anything that becomes Overpowered, if your gonna nerf it don't nerf it until its practically useless. My second option is that maybe (This is dumb idea) that you make it so the Wise armour ability doesn't affect the rogue sword ability, this is if the Wise set had a %50 ability cost.

    Also maybe triple the amount of damage with fishing rods to sea creatures is kinda Overpowered as most of the Rods like; Rod of legends, Rod of Champions, Challenging Rod and the Shredder all can 1 shot the normal mobs that you fish. I mean who is gonna kill an emperor or hydra with a fishing rod?

    Ok, bye might be some spelling mistakes I didn't check
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  17. rg1021

    rg1021 New Member

    I kinda don't agree with the Raider axe nerf,
    the weapon might be cheap yeah but it requires heaps of grinding to be as good/better than an AOTE yet its being nerfed to rare which will reduce the reforge's effect and also will be pretty much identical/a slight bit better than an AOTE(or worse if paired with strong if that buff is applied)
  18. Do not decrease AOTD drop rate, this will just reduce the price of summoning eyes and they are the most auctioned items on the Auction House. Decreasing AOTD drop rate would not bring any betterment to the economy of the Auction House
  19. all the things you mentioned are getting buffs
  20. Hey! Nerd the Tarantula armor please!!! Sometime i fight dragon
    Dragon had 3mil health left but 1s later he died!!!
    That's bug from Tarantula set!!!! Please Fix or Nerd This Set
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