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  1. u just said that in the other post, u cant craft 2 different items that use the exact same crafting recipe
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    • Melon Blocks (not slices) should count towards Melon collection so compactor on melon minion has a purpose. (1 Melon Block = +9 Melon collection progress)
    • Mushroom Blocks, both red and brown, should also count towards Mushroom collection for the same reason as above (1 Mushroom Block = +9 Mushroom collection progress)
    • Compactor on Sand Minion should convert 4 sand into 1 sandstone
    • Sandstone should count towards sand collection following the logic above (1 sandstone = +4 sand collection progress)
    • Red variants of sand (Red Sand and Red Sandstone) should also count towards sand collection accordingly
    • Nether Brick should count towards Netherrack collection (1 Nether Brick = +1 Netherrack collection progress)
    • Reduce the valid spawn radius height of blaze minion by 1 block (Prevent blazes suffocating or escaping on ideal setup)
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  2. I suggest a fortune upgrade for flint minions. So they will only produce flint instead of gravel. It's a pain in the but upgrading the minion when it requires enchanted flint.
  3. There is a flint shovel and if you use super compactor it will produced enchanted flint
    • Add enchanted slimeball from slime blocks craft recipe
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  4. You can put that in a minion????
  5. either way don't nerf diamond minion
  6. Yes you can
  7. JiaxinXu

    JiaxinXu Active Member

    What's wrong with 160 enchanted cobblestone to 1 enchanted stone ?
  8. LordZepyr

    LordZepyr New Member

    Well during the day I grind zealots/kill drags [get fragged I better terms] and will afk farms for pigman,leaping, ect so it's not like asking 24/7
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  9. SnowAj

    SnowAj Active Member

    pls add /sell hand or fast crafting lol
  10. Enchanted poisonous potato recipe! Would be useful for zombie minions with super compactors and also make them easier to store
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    • The wheat minion grab seeds that are COMPLETELY useless, so it fills the storage with half trash, you should buff this minion.
    • I don't agree with magma non-split system, just nerf the price that's ez.
    • Some minions are useless like the melon and pumpkin bc a farm is more effective so buff those minions.
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  11. C247

    C247 Active Member

    Skyborn REBORN
    Melon minions are actually sleeper OP if you invest getting them to tier 11, lava bucket, super compactor, in range of a farming crystal and diamond spreading. Since melon minions place the melon stems for the melons to grow 99% of the time their 10 sec action will always be a harvesting action, which helps with diamond spreading since you get 10% chance at 1 diamond for each resource collected. I am currently testing a 18 melon minion setup, but if my math and reasoning is correct, it should be decent.
  12. C247 So they have a 10s per action it's always breaking, how many melons do they get per harvest? is it like a range or Dead nuts the same every time.
  13. they dont need a nerf, but once you get the 64 tears to make a minion it just takes time
  14. first off: im slow ok dont judge

    but like if it needs 16x ench mushroom per slot you could use either red or brown ench mushroom in each slot
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  15. Stannya

    Stannya Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    I would like to see:
    - More minion lines (I have seen that you have already been adding those)
    - Beacons potentially increasing minion speed. Maybe a Minion Beacon??
    - If Minion is covered in water, they will try to say something, but since there underwater you'll only here bubbles.

    More to come soon.
  16. Good stuff, glad hypixels main focus is on skyblock
  17. don’t nerf ghast, it’ll be like clay and ghast isn’t even as broken as magma and you haven’t shut magma down because unstable dragon gear exists
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