1. Hey guys after our release of the Mythic Update we're looking to keep improving game play as much as possible. We hope to continue balancing the game and of course we are going to involve you (the community) in the process. Please post your suggestions here to help us balance the game!

    EPS Changes:
    • Removing requirements to start energy generation in deathmatch (no longer need to hit players twice)

    • Giving EPS generation all the way through the game again

    • Giving EPS classes low EPH to help sustain them and reward aggressive players.

    • Explosive arrow damage remains at 8

    • Salvaging now provides 3 arrows instead of 1

    • Sword is able to activate ability

    • 1 eps in deathmatch (no hits required to start energy generation)

    • Ability (Explosive Arrow) has a 6 second cooldown
    • No Changes
    • Minion has increased health and a set damage value of 5 as well as a 1.5 second detonation timer (This timer is for the minion not the ability)*

    • Fix noise not activating for the ability

    • Fix Creeper detonate still activating after death
    • Soul Charge duration decreased to 5 seconds (cooldown of 7 seconds)
    • Aqua Affinity returned to helmet
    • Now gains 4 EPS permanently

    • Now gains 4 EPH (Sword Only) to reward aggressive spiders

    • Protection I added to boots

    • Blast Protection I added to boots

    • Sword gains Bane of Arthropods IV

    • Nest Egg Spiders now have increased Speed, health & damage.

    • Fix bug where leap applies Slowness II instead of I
    • Fix Squid Splash to properly work (Works in reverse of how it should currently)

    • Fix Rejuvenate to heal the proper amount
    • Reduce Shadow Burst damage to 7 (previously 8)

    • Return Shadow Burst's old explosion capability (Wall breaking!)

    • Add Chat Notification for when Soul Eater activates

    • Fix noise not activating for the ability
    • EPH buffed to 8

    • Energy Cap removed

    • Tornado Cap of 2 being active at the same time

    • Fix tornado staying active after Shaman dies (force dissipate it much like Pigman bubble)
    • No Changes
    • No Changes
    • Pants gain Protection II (Previously I)

    • 5 EPS Permanently

    • 5 EPH (Sword Only)

    • Add 1 Arrow (as it's missing from the kit)

    • Fossil Fuels now has a 10 second cooldown (previously 15)

    • Call of the Blazes: (Known to conflict with achievement, more information to come)
      • 10% to spawn 1 blaze per sword hit

      • 30% to spawn 1 blazer per bow shot

      • Each blaze shoots fireballs (1 every second) each fireball dealing 1 true damage.

      • Blaze despawns after 30 seconds (cap of 3 blazes out at a time)

      • Blazes spawn above the player (to not prevent hits)
    • No Changes
    • Sea Legs now activates at 18 HP with the changing duration from 7.5s - 15s (Scales accordingly)

    • Add Absorption I to the Potions

    • Parrots instantly respawn after being destroyed by a block (Doesn't force a Pirate to be punished by their surroundings)
    • 2 EPS Permanently (Gains no EPH and gets no reduction in deathmatch)

    • Eagle Eye lock-on distance reverted to pre-mythic update (already implemented)

    • Add 40% movement (Speed II) increase to all animal companions (Pigs too!)
    • 12 EPH (Bow)

    • Power I added to the bow

    • Replace Regen potion with 2 Health Potions (8 Hearts) (1st Unlocked at 5, second at 9).

    • 1 Drinkable Speed III (00:15s) potion (Unlocked at Level 7)

    • Cleansing Flames healing reduced from 8 -> 6

    • Cleansing Flames duration reduced to 25 seconds (previously 30 seconds)

    • Increase Molten Lava from 6% -> 20% at max (Scales accordingly)

    • Inferno: (Cooldown of 20 seconds)
      • When shooting an enemy deal 3 true damage and heal 50-100% of the total damage (3 + X amount of damage) dealt to yourself and nearby teammates (who are close to the enemy).
      • Provides Speed II (8 seconds) to the Phoenix
    • Resurrection now keeps the same items that Enderchest does (from the Enderman Class) and the duration to activate changed to 120 seconds (Previously 60 seconds)
    • Energy for being hit removed

    • Energy buffed to 7

    • Lycanthropy healing reduced to 20% (no cap)

    • Gains 2 energy indirectly from hits dealt by Lycanthropy (Like Shaman Tornado)

    • Bloodlust duration cooldown. (Basically means you can't refresh the duration of the passive it must run out before it can be activated again.)
    • While shortcut is active the chances of finding chests from shovel breakable blocks is reduced by 50%

    • A single players can only be damaged by 4 Gunpowder Barrel Tnt every 7 seconds

    • Gunpowder Barrel damage changed to 3.0

    • Gunpowder Barrel TNT range changed to 5x5

    • 2 EPS in DM (No hit requirement)

    • Ability now activates with a sword as well (Consistently).

    • Replace Gunpowder Barrel TNT with new “animation” to allow people to hit through it:
      • Possible Solution: Spawn 5 dropped tnt on the ground that lasts for the detonation timer and plays an explosion particle on the tnt when it detonates and deals the damage.

    Please note these values are subject to minor change.

    Final Proposal Log

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  2. HealTakesTheL

    HealTakesTheL Well-Known Member

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  3. No prep time!!11one!
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  4. Hype!
    Make some of the super hard, almost impossible, achievements to just hard ones.
    Maybe add a 0 to the end of the requirements to upgrade a mythical class and divide it by 2 then make it normal kills/assists because some people are "abusing" their pres/fm classes to get easy finals and kills
    Fix the bug - relog and lose your kit items to where you must kill yourself some way.
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  5. Yes daddy
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  6. Coolwallie

    Coolwallie New Member

    Lets goo
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  7. Unicycle

    Unicycle Well-Known Member

    when you do /kill in pregame, you end up getting /surface'd

    yesterday when i relogged i lost every single kit item and had to commit suicide by jumping from the castle/drowning myself in order to get my stuff back
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  8. Krab

    Krab Well-Known Member

    Scandalous MEMBER
    Blaze -
    1) remove the fact that you have to hit enemies 2 times during deathmatch to recharge ability (if not atleast only make it one hit for the love of god) if you dont remove it make the ability hitting enemies also count as a hit that can recharge ability
    2) keep fireballs the same but make it so if you hit an enemy with a second or third fireball they get either set on fire for 2 seconds or get slowness 1 for 3 seconds (which ever seems more balanced to you)
    3) make it so fire arrow has a 5% chance to happen on a melee hit
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  9. First page
    Edit: I would like to see that you can't build so high
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  10. For mythical classes it should stay the same. they are not meant to be things you max out very fast, they are to be worked hard for. and if you are dedicated it can become very good very fast. today I 1v1ed a pres arcanist and a hb with a lvl 6 pheonix. it isnt that hard to make it to a high lvl
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  11. Pvp
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  12. WndDncr

    WndDncr Well-Known Member

    Gloom OFFICER
    #1 is an issue with all EPS classes. Hunter is also affected by this.
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  13. I have an idea for spiders and EPS classes in general that doesn't force them into combat. Instead of having to hit players you can shift and standstill for ?5? seconds and you will start gaining energy again. This makes it so players can't run away and unfairly charge their abilities and also doesn't force EPS classes into combat or to need a bow. Possibly tweak the numbers for other EPS classes a bit and I think this will be a good compromise for both sides of the debate.

    Phoenix will seriously need a ability duration decrease though. 30 seconds is just too much.

    The pirate 1 damage nerf was redundant. It only hits one person dude this class isn't dreadlord. It should have a lot more damage than dreadlord.

    Speaking of that dreadlord is doing way too much damage. I don't know what you guys are thinking but the bugged ability was doing 2 damage at times before the fix. Did you not think to lower it more? It's literally a better pirate at this point.

    Credit: @PiCeption For spider suggestion
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
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  14. J4VI3R

    J4VI3R Well-Known Member

    • Give spider regen I for 6 seconds when it lands directly on top of an enemy.
    • Add a 5 second cooldown between each steak for werewolf carnivore
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  15. Sfyri

    Sfyri Active Member

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  16. Yeehaw
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  17. https://hypixel.net/threads/spider-eps-back-125-positive-votes.942181/

    Spider eps back *cough cough*
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  18. Don't know any, but thanks for doing this! <3
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  19. Dude I have been getting timed out a bit recently and this always happens to me

    I didn't even think to jump off a tall building or something I just left the game
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  20. Maybe give all the minions/mobs that classes can spawn speed 1?

    Give the pig speed 1 or 2?
    And increase the durability for Carrot On A Stick.

    EDIT: 28.12.16. 18:53 Norway/Oslo Time:
    When the Hunter that spawned the pig is riding the pig the pig no longer despawns.
    Pretty sure this was @TheEzeJC's idea.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
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