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  1. PSA
    I see a lot of people using diseases like Cancer, AIDs, and some other stuff to describe people or things :
    "You are being literal cancer"
    "this gave me AIDs"

    Seriously, these diseases are not a joke. People actually suffer, even die from these things and you use them as insults?

    Furthermore, people back them up as "jokes". Nada, you likely had 0% intention of it being a "joke", they just use them as cheap excuses. "chill out it's just a joke" - I don't care. Jokes aren't always funny, and you have to realize that. People use "jokes" as an escape card way too often and it's honestly sick.

    Even with other things like disorders (autism, adhd, etc..) this takes effect.

    Just stop doing this and don't use fatal diseases as a twisted joke. And don't try to justify it; just apologize and move on.
    So, I notice that a lot of people use things like cancer or aids as some sort of joke. I just want to make a few things clear :
    1 | People die from these diseases every day. There are some people who get better - yes - but some people don't. Even if you have had cancer or have had a relative with cancer and don't find it offensive, other people might, and I think it's best to be respectful towards people that do suffer / know people who suffer from these things. Cancer has varying degrees of severity and varying forms, but it is all a constant thing and we should know better than to call people it after we lose in video games. Be mature and be a good sport.

    2 | Games, and really anything, will always be far from perfect and so will humans. But our goal shouldn't be to trip eachother in a pathetic gambit to assert dominance inside of a virtual thing that has no actual value outside of enjoyment; rather it should be towards helping eachother, building to a central goal. Let's get 100k players on hypixel, guys! Or let's get everybody 1000 wins- something like that to always keep us going. The goal of this thread wasn't, and isn't, to start arguments or forcibly change people's minds. It's simply to try and get people to see different angles.

    There are some other things, too, like disorders that people make fun of. The most common example, of this, is autism. People seem to use autism as an insult- as if it's some shameful thing - when it's not. It's really a beautiful thing and we need to start to see that.

    1 | There are tons and tons of different ways people can be autistic. It's a *spectrum*, not a fixed thing. People can have it but function no different than anyone else, while some have it directly affecting their lives. In either case, it isn't our purpose to make fun of it. I get a joke can lighten the mood, or make people feel better. But sometimes we can have some self control and start something like a conversation up instead.

    2 | "Autism isn't a fatal disease" yes, this is true. You cannot be clinically dead from autism, it doesn't kill your body. But, it can result in the death of someone. I don't want to go into too much detail about it, but you can read some replies about how it can lead to slightly grayer things, like suicide.

    3 | Everyone "weird" is autistic. This is completely false. Just because you think someone's different doesn't mean they are autistic- and even if they are, it's a very nice thing. I have a friend who had Autism and he's honestly one of the nicest, most supportive people I'm friends with. Autistic people may have difficulty forming friendships, and that may seem strange at first; but once you get to know them, you quickly become the best friends and you realise just how incredible they truly are. Don't judge a book - or a person - by its cover, or their habits.

    Lastly, I see people using "jokes" too often. People send threats to people, are real jerks, and back it up as "jokes". It isn't funny; and yes, dark humor can be funny. It's a different thing, and not the debate going on right now. Attacking a person isn't funny, and you try to say it's a joke to cover up your tracks. Just don't do this - apologize and move on. It's simply childish to aim after a pointless argument. As someone mentioned below, "It's very hard to win an argument with a smart person, but impossible to win an argument with a stupid person"

    Please, keep all discussion civil. I've seen too much pages of people screaming at eachother. I'm not going to pick sides, and not going to fight. Please don't argue and come, together, towards a single agreement.

    To recap :
    Making jokes about disorders or fatal diseases isn't okay. Sure, some people may get better and some people may find them offensive. But others - especially with certain disorders - can be highly suggestible / impressionable towards bad examples. I think it's better to have a civil discussion about Autism or Cancer than it is to use these things as a cheap insult. And, your jokes aren't funny. It isn't nice to attack somebody and back it up as a joke.

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  2. I agree. People often use these diseases as a joke when it shouldn’t be. They have no idea how terrible cancer is, or autism.

    Just because someone misspelled or did something stupid does not mean they’re autistic. Autism is WAY WORSE than that. If you’re describing that one kid in your class who is being happy and taking interest in things even thought the expression comes out weird to you, then you have no idea how far they are from actually being autistic

    People actually need to realize this. It is not a joke and just saying “It’s just a joke, chill LOL!” is such a coward move so you can have a sad sorry excuse to not look bad.

    Props to you for pointing this out. Respect
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  3. Thank you. I have a friend who's autistic and he's actually got pretty good grades and quite nice grammar. If it isn't too much trouble, please spread the word. If this can make even a change just in, like, a singular game like Skywars or Bedwars I'll be happy.
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  4. ... autism isn't a disease?...
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  5. Okay disorder*
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  6. MagicalTrout

    MagicalTrout Well-Known Member

    Here comes the pc police :/
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  7. CosmicJhin

    CosmicJhin Well-Known Member

    who cares though it's just an internet joke
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  8. I agree with you, but you can't change the entire society, sadly.
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  9. JesusIsGod

    JesusIsGod Active Member

    We truly do live in a society.
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  10. That’s the point. It shouldn’t be
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  11. HPWizard

    HPWizard Well-Known Member

    it's the internet, people are going to act edgy as a way of being humorous no matter what. and they can usually say it without thinking about the harm it causes because of the anonymity the internet can give the user.
  12. CosmicJhin

    CosmicJhin Well-Known Member

    I don't personally use those terms because they're not funny to me i guess i just don't see the big deal
  13. Okamus

    Okamus New Member

    Quit thinking about it so logically and one-sided like, most people on the internet never really care about what people say to them, I see where your coming from, as your intentions are only positive, but yet again, the internet is the digital world, much like the real world, it doesn't really care for your feelings.
  14. zerodelta

    zerodelta Well-Known Member

    people cant die from autism and also we can make jokes about what we want
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  15. true just ignore it they dont really mean it that why
  16. 1. I understand the message that using Aids and Cancer as a joke is bad. but autism is not a disease
    2. Autism is not fatal
  17. gamerboyLXXX

    gamerboyLXXX Active Member

    You have no idea how long I have been waiting for one of these posts.
    Nobody said these 'diseases' (autism is not a disease. It is a disorder) were a joke. You do not have to find something humorous in itself to enjoy jokes about it; in fact, people rarely make jokes about topics they find funny in themselves. For example, this joke: 'I invented a new word: plagiarism!' Did you find it amusing? Probably. Do you find plagiarism funny in itself? Of course not! No sane person would find plagiarism funny in itself, but there are plenty of sane people that can enjoy jokes about it.

    I myself am autistic, and I actually make lots of jokes about autism, and the same goes for most of the people in my school (I go to a 'sPecIal NeEdS' school, so most people in my school have autism to some degree). You are really not 'defending' autistic people by making this post as most of us are secure about our disorders, about which we are more than willing to take a harmless joke.
    That is a very closed-minded thing to say. This translates to: 'I am very stubborn in my viewpoints, so do not try to engage in debate with me regarding this topic.' There are many things I strongly oppose, but I am always willing to listen to other people's opinions that do not align with my viewpoints. If you are not open to new ideas and opinions, you are disallowing yourself to learn and to grow as a person.

    As Bill Murray once said: 'It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.' Do not be stupid. Thanks.
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  18. People who joke about this stuff are cancer
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  19. You're right, it isn't. That's my mistake.

    Imagine if you have a friend or relative who dies of cancer. You then try and play a game to have fun and try and move on, but you get called cancer.

    Yeah people don't die from autism, I know. Yeah, you can make jokes about whatever you want. But you don't seem to make jokes about what everyone else wants.
  20. x_x


    x_x Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
    A joke is a joke, regardless of the subject.
    It's the intent that matters, sure, you are allowed to be upset by a joke, but you can't directly say "you can't/shouldn't say them" straight up.
    Sure, there are places where they are less appropriate, but if the intent is there.. what's the big deal.

    There are far worse issues going on in the online community, which we should be diverting our attentions to.

    EDIT: just to add to my point, for some people, joking about "taboo" topics is a way of expressing themselves, and potentially deal with said issue.
    For example; self-deprocating jokes can really help somebody cope with an issue ongoing in their current situation, sure it might not be for everyone, but what gives anyone else the right to tell them to stop?
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