1. lol that's never how it worked. We dont get together in a group and brainstorm ideas for strategies. They are tweaked overtime slightly and that's usually how strategies evolve
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  2. This is what they call plagiarism.
    So yes you're not allowed unless you ask them for permission and refer to them.

    EDIT: you're actually not allowed to publish it under your name.
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  3. The speedrun strategies are open to the public ever since ZSL was opened to the public. However, it would be best if credit was given to the creators of the strategies.
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  4. I just realized you two got VIP+ rank.
    I wonder how their strategy is going to evolve after being copied from your good friend's server. And, you still hide world record speedrun strategies from the public, right?
  5. well i just wanted to comment that zsl was much better before it went public, now its so bad tbh
    thats why i left zsl. yes, i didnt got kicked, i left
    still lets say this, their server is much more better ._. u wont get publicly shamed for failing a fucking test right
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  6. I had left too for some of your reasons and other ones, I joined back only to be able to see the strategies
    This server though is not in any case better in the Zombies community opinion in general and with what their admins have done..
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  7. OmgIsCreeper

    OmgIsCreeper Active Member

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  8. I think that's what everyone wants xD
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  9. Which one is it? First you guys say I did a bad job of copying strategies and they suck and now you guys are saying they are exactly the same
  10. I could be wrong, but if your DE Normal isn't office only, then it's wrong. :p
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  11. ^agree, alsp
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  12. The two are the same thing. Copying strategy so that it looks as if your server created it means that strategy on your server is exactly the same as the original.
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  13. norm strat is still fun
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  14. I have an advanced strategy but only people with decent speedrunner role can view it
  15. Do you not understand what a contradiction is? :/
    • Says I do a bad job of copying the strategies (Meaning they aren't the same, they are worse, poorly copied)
    • Says I copy them exactly the same word-for-word
    Its a contradiction but its also not true
  16. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    I think they meant copying the wrong strategy rather than copying one strategy wrong
  17. my alt that has been registered for around 3 years is new because i never used it
    makes sense
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  18. Duury

    Duury Well-Known Member

    Alright cool!
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  19. Thx

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