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    I agree with you mostly but an admin being in it does not make it official
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  2. Although I posted quite a lot on this thread, I didn't come to roast. I came to constructively criticize that the server isn't authentic and that ZSL has the authenticity. The biggest red flags I see from this server are:

    1. Banning people for personal reasons instead of banning because of server rule violations. Immature and unprofessional moderation. (Even Percy84 admitted fault of a false ban on ZL and he undid someone's false ban!)
    2. Not giving credit to ZSL for the strategies. The strategies are copied word-for-word from ZSL and no credit is given to ZSL for ZSL's originality.
    3. Too easy to get in. It is too easy to get a "speedrunner" role yet some people haven't even mastered the basics, let alone win an entire game of the first two maps!

    Edit: meant it was too easy to get a speedrunner role.
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  3. I am reading all of it and responding to most of it. Your comment is really bullying actually and you can probably get punished for talking like that to people. I didnt copy any discord server because I never even joined these other zombie discords so how could I have copied them? Im allowed to have my own zombie discord stop thinking other discords are the best because they were made first it doesnt make a difference when they were made and you are the type of people that motivate me in the first place to make my own zombies discord community.
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  4. ZSL doesnt own the strategies that are in my discord and I dont own them either they are just words. And I didnt get them from their server either and I even released a new strategy which again I didnt get from their server. I actually wrote every word myself I didnt copy and paste everything so unsurprisingly you are lying again for the 100th time. Everyone can join my server but that doesnt mean they are a speedrunner. You didnt read the thread because if you did then you'd see there are roles for speedrunners you dont just immediately get it. Great job exposing yourself as a delusional liar for the millionth time
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  5. They do. Mostly of the strategies are created by a group of people then given to mees20 and then released, Althought everything i see in both of you'r comments are stupidity and lies, sadly this is the reallity thats happening.
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  6. Althought some of my comrades got banned because of critizising your server and giving tips, thats a bad management type of server, seems like a restricted area for people.
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  7. Also, PEOPLE raid your server because u give ur roles easely, lame
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  8. Our server will soon have more members than ZSL. Also, I am sure that our server is way more active than ZSL.
  9. Activity and member count are irrelevant. For one, ZSL is much less open to everyone. If you fail, they broadcast it and make you almost want to leave. In your server, they get "decent," "rookie," etc. I don't think that Dead Grass is ever used. Activity is caused by you publicy advertising it on Hypixel, even outside of the forums, and people that don't know where to go joining. ZSL is only the cream of the cream of the crop, and thus, has fewer people and less activity.
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  10. You're still missing the point entirely. ZSL IS CONSIDERED BETTER THAN YOUR SERVER BECAUSE THEY HAVE COUNTLESS LEADERBOARD SPOTS UNLIKE YOU, IN WHICH YOU GUYS HAVE NONE. And no, he is actually giving criticism and you should take it rather than getting irrationally offended by it.
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  11. dang you're really an egotistical one...
    and popscat pretty much already took you out but even if ZSL has become public, it was never public from the start and has a reputation of being a notorious serious speedrun server, and the server has and will accomplish much more than you guys will ever. meanwhile you make sure everyone stays and treat them all "good" (and false ban people like idiots) even though the total skill level of your server is a fraction of that of ZSL
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  12. Did you know that they made those strategies?
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  13. Wait aren't you the one that said ZL raids u every week and they are toxic lol
    Then I notice that ur tag is new member
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  14. Spam for update lol
  15. I'm not even active on forums xD
  16. New member literally means ur new not that ur active lol
  17. I dont have the same opinion as you there are many good players that arent on the leaderboard and I think we will get on the leaderboard soon some of us. My discord is managed to my liking and we are successful so far many players like it and thats all that matters
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  18. My bad. I meant to say that it was easy to get a speedrunner role. I do, however, give you credit for making a new strategy.

    However, these two strategies are exactly the same (DE normal speedrun).
    From your server:

    From ZSL:

    PS: Stop insulting people.
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  19. Even if people from their discord made the strategies up that I also happen to use that doesnt mean im not allowed to use it or that they own these words
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  20. They are different so for the fifth time now you are showing everyone how much of a liar you are because you first said they are copied word for word now you showed everyone proof that they aren't. Good job
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