1. Thx but I dont think I ever played with you so you shouldnt say if someones good or bad if you never played with them before even though Im good
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  2. I think you did, you won a kill duel against him hard back in March when the drama started.
    I don't understand why we get hated so much though :/
  3. Nvm I think hes changed name
  4. Updated the thread
  5. Better you say: Bumped the Thread
  6. i'll say that whenever zl or zsl thread has update
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  7. I myself didn't hate your partner or your server until your partner abused his power and banned me along with several others for no reason other than personal reasons. I had nothing against him until that day (and yes, firestarter, congrats for earning more enemies).

    Now here's why he and your server got a lot of controversy:

    1. Banning people for personal reasons on your discord server instead of banning people because they broke rules. Your partner and your server earned a lot of enemies who initially started as constructive critics just by banning people who wanted to help improve your server. Your partner also banned people who were "assumed to be spam raiders" yet there was no evidence and these so-called "raiders" neither raided nor intended to raid. Many people, including me, complained about the injustice we've received from your server's moderation.
    2. Not crediting ZSL for originally creating the strategies posted on your server. Posting/using ZSL strategies is fine since they're public, but taking credit for something that's not yours is not fine.
    3. Calling your server "authentic" when ZSL came way before (ZSL being recognized as the first dedicated zombies speedrunning server). As I said, you cannot call your server authentic if another server for the same purpose (zombie speedrunning in your case) came before yours.
    4. Not taking constructive criticism. The responses from your partner (who owns your server) were insulting, immature, and very rude.
    5. Trying to look good without credibility (not saying you're bad) and insulting people and groups such as ZSL/ZL.

    Most important reasons are bolded.
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  8. Sorry that my discord doesnt have a supreme court. We can ban whoever we want and you happened to be suspicious in there so you were banned and if you think about the overall context of us getting raided often its not unreasonable for you to get banned. Maybe next time dont be suspicious if you dont want to get banned. I didnt copy any strategies from ZSL because im not in there and I dont need to give anyone credit they dont own copyright to a zombies speedrun strategy that I didnt even get from them. Calling my server authentic is just part of the name its a figure of speech.
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  9. What he's saying is that banning people for mere suspicions undermines your rules. Why have rules if you're going to ban someone without any infractions or heck even any messages?
    Existing = Suspicious
    Maybe don't ban people first thing and instead actually talk to them? Even ZL, a server you're calling evil, was smart enough to mute and verify suspicious users instead of flat bans with no appeal.
    What figure of speech other than an oxymoron? It surely isn't authentic.
  10. #190
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  11. It’s not a part of the name and not an oxymoron either
    It’s a straight-up lie
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  12. Whether you like it or not, it's still part of the name. Sorry mate, objectively false.
  13. Since im the dictator of my own server I can ban whoever I want but rules still exist and this is true of nearly all discord servers. My server isnt a court of law and I dont have to ban exclusively based on the rules being broken I can also ban people for any reason I want and in this case its because he was being suspicious at a time when we were getting raided a lot which is a very fair reason to ban.

    An oxymoron is when 2 contradictory terms are put in the same sentence. For example Authentic Unauthentic Zombies Speedrun Experts. That would be an oxymoron. Authentic Zombies Speedrun Experts is a name and the word authentic is rhetorical but not an oxymoron.
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  14. Why have rules if you'll ban a user for arbitrary reasons like "he's suspicious?" HeroBravo and I were banned immediately for no reason, or rather, that we were suspicious. Well, both of us had made our stance on the server clear so maybe you had a point. Here's where I bring the hard hitter: You banned my alt within seconds of joining. Now why? You had no evidence of it, plus I never said anything. Imagine if this alt wasn't my alt but a normal user you banned? Not so good for your reputation... If you continue to ban for reasons outside of the rules your credibility as a leader will be questioned. People will be fearful that you may ban them for literally no reason.
    It's a Zombies Discord server, it's not gonna be authentic. Therefore, it is an oxymoron.
    Jumbo (big) shrimp (small)
    Authentic (official) Zombies Speedrun Experts (unofficial Discord server)
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  15. Whats so hard to understand? If they break the rules, they get punished. Apart from that, I can still ban people who don't technically break a rule. This is how it is and you just need to get over that. Clearly im banning the right people and you are probably salty that you cant raid because your alt is banned and your friends who hate us are banned :)
    Authentic doesnt mean official it means real or it can mean original. Its rhetorical and it doesnt have the words unofficial or unoriginal or unreal in the title so we can also say that its not an oxymoron and its safe to say you failed your English classes
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  16. OmgIsCreeper

    OmgIsCreeper Active Member

    jokes on u I have an irl friend in ur server
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  17. Ok?
  18. Part of why people hate your server, and would not want to join in the first place. It's like the whole Wynnevir banning people for saying "Sb", even when they're meme'g around, dramatic era. It's stupid, and unfair. Which is not a good thing if you want a reputation/players on your rip-off server.
    Your server may be real, but ZSL is complex. ;)
    And your server is far from original; as said before, the Zombies Speedrun League was in motion first, and they developed the strategies before your team did; advertising their strategies without their permission is plagerism.

    Even though the strategies are public, themselves, you also need experience and the ability to actually execute the strategy (not to mention the chest in Office) in order for a spot on the leaderboards.
  19. You are ignoring what I am saying. By banning users for no reason, or rather with minimal reason, you are damaging both your reputation and your server's security. You have competition. A user that follows the rules may join ZSL because he doesn't want to be banned for mere suspicions.
    Not my secondary, tertiary, or 4th alts. ;)
    Might I add that I said I'd try respecting your server when I joined the second time?
  20. I have 4 Alts in ur server lol
    Catch me if u can
    (And don’t ban the wrong person)
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