1. Spooky
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  2. RIP still no Aspect of the End sword fix with the infinite speed.
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  3. Would this include summoning eyes? My guess is no because summoning eyes are technically a 100% drop chance from a rare mob, but I want to know just for clarification.

    If this is the case, would it be possible to add it to the "rare loot" pool?
  4. Scoobydooyuhaye

    Scoobydooyuhaye Well-Known Member

    Make this higher plz (18+)

    And please let solo islands convert to a coop
  5. Quatt

    Quatt Well-Known Member

    L9 L9
    M e g a W a l l s
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  6. It does include them as they (supposedly) removed the end portal frames from the summoning eye ones.
  7. Negative, although they DID remove end portal frame zealots from the game, the zealots that hold summoning eyes have a higher defense then regular zealots (they all have the same amount of health to prevent sniping).
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  8. MySpeed

    MySpeed Well-Known Member

    Defiant DEFIANT
    Yes and clay
  9. flurfball

    flurfball Member

    100% chance

    Edit: I haven’t played in a week. Did they make summoning eyes a random drop?
  10. Jacux

    Jacux Active Member

    Presto PRESTO
    Neat! :p
  11. I'm waiting only one thing: Salmon armor! I have too many salmons and i can't use thats
  12. fix this pls i could do it before and now i can't

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  13. I like the new drop message, wish I could play though.
  14. Thorns is not "fixed". I put on a full Thorns III set and let an endermen hammer on me in a corner and I still couldn't damage the mob 99% of the time. This enchant is still trash tier tier and makes your DPS lower and your loot less plentiful.
  15. they fixed the percentages not how it works...
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  16. when will smelted cactus from auto smelter count towards collection
  17. ty hypixel very cool
  18. Nice, now just waiting on you guys making skeleton helmet usable
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  19. I'm not sure if this bug fix caused it but now the magic water bucket is kind of disappointing. I can't use it to make rows of water infinite because it won't place on flowing water. I understand fixing it so it won't replace blocks but make it able to change flowing into source again. The sound of running water is annoying and unsatisfying.
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  20. hi
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