1. Dude I want source blocks of water not flowing and I can’t do that any more with the magical bucket
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  2. KiBynd

    KiBynd Member

    Wait have you fixed the enchanted block forms craftin in inventory and being able to place enchanted lava buckets?
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  3. Thank you for actually giving a changelog this time. Can we get the rules now?
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  4. And here we see a changelog in it's natural habitat
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  5. sagem4tt

    sagem4tt New Member

    What was the Thorns issue?
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  6. Thank you so much for this! Also thanks for posting the changelog this time! Stuff like this is really useful, probs to the skyblock team they're doing a great job!
  7. Can you add a QoL recipe for quartz blocks into enchanted quartz as well?
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    Wait, so the magma boss actually drops the ember stick now?
  8. DKOTA

    DKOTA Active Member

    Can we get rules next?
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  9. jeb_1

    jeb_1 Active Member

    Raid RAID
    I just got a summon eye and it didnt drop a message saying it has a 1% lower chance of dropping, does that mean the chance of getting a summon eye is over 1%? I dont believe that LMAO
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  10. you can't make enchanted quartz out of quartz blocks anymore is this intentional because it's pretty dumb if it is. It was fine being able to craft enchanted quartz from the blocks imo.
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  11. got 12 in one day but it definately is lower than 1% surely
  12. Kriebelpoesje

    Kriebelpoesje Active Member

    Noticed that too, hope it's unintentional

    Submitted a bug report so wait and see I guess
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  13. upload_2019-8-15_20-31-20.png
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  14. Now I cant craft Ench Quartz out of Quartz Blocks. UGH
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  15. having the same issue i think they might have accidentally messed that up while adding other recipes.
  16. xTopazz

    xTopazz Active Member

    And Level 1 Spiders from Minions are still attacking you even though you have Intimidation Talisman. A bug known for 2 months, still not fixed. I assume Minions and Minion items randomly disappearing is not fixed as well?
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  17. owly

    owly Active Member

    Might aswell reveal it.
    You can buy quartz blocks at the builder, and craft those into enchanted quartz. Some people abused it to craft quartz based items and auction them for big profit.
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  18. Good to see that some things that annoyed me in the past are now out of the game! Finally flint counts towards your gravel collection, and I can use compactors in my glowstone minions!
  19. I can understand that but it makes grinding quartz alot harder than collection like lapis that can be crafted from blocks. Maybe they could just take out quartz blocks from the shop instead?
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