1. A new patch has been released for SkyBlock. This is exclusively bug fixes.
    For a list of all the bugs and changes please see below.

    • Increase true damage dealt by some dragon abilities
    • Reduced frost walker sell price
    • Added new QoL recipe: 6 stacks of strings = 2 enchanted string
    • Added new QoL recipe: 160 glowstone blocks = 4 enchanted glowstone dust
    • Add a drop message when you get a drop that has a 1% or lower chance of dropping
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix end crystals not exploding and not being removed when being hit by snowballs/eggs
    • Fix recipe of enchanted spider eyes
    • Fix thorns
    • Make compactor convert ice into packed ice
    • Make super compactor work with ender pearls, clay balls, ice, end stone and feathers
    • Allow armor displays to show off any item with the helmet category
    • Make flint count towards gravel collection
    • Fix crafting objectives not working
    • Fix the squid boots effect not applying when switching between instances
    • Fix witches haunting you after they died
    • Fix spider minion sometimes spawning a layer below where the minion is
    • Fix the the time remaining on the fuel lore showing an inaccurate time when the time remaining is very large
    • Fix looting not having any effect on drops with low chances due to rounding
    • Fix hurricane bow displaying the incorrect amount of arrows whenever it gets upgraded
    • Fix minion chests getting destroyed/turning into normal chests when blown up
    • Fix magic water bucket replacing other blocks
    • Fix unintended mobs spawning in the deep caverns
    • Add a description to blindness potions
    • Fix the combat skill rewards showing end island being unlocked at level 13 when it should be 12
    • Fix Jerry's menu opening whenever you shoot it with a projectile
    • Fix being able to pickup crystals when your inventory is full
    • Fix some typos/grammar issues
    • Fix a bug where players could use Enchanted Redstone Lamps to extend/enhance potions even after they had previously been extended/enhanced.
    • Fix an issue with brewing damage/slowness/etc potions where inputting Healing II+ potion bases would always result in a potion with level 1.
    • Carry over the extended and enhanced flags to the result potion.
    • Fix magma bosses not dropping some items
    Thanks for all your bug reports, we hope you continue to enjoy SkyBlock!
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  2. IanTheOriginal

    IanTheOriginal New Member

    Thank you Hypixel, very cool.
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  3. +1
    If you dislike this, you are big gay.
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  4. Nice
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  5. When will the coop vote-kick feature be here ;-;
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  6. No ,( I can't bully it anymore 50 blocks away.
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  7. "Fixed Thorns"

    What does "fixed" exactly mean? Does it mean the iframes of the mob or did thorns just occasionally not work?
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  8. If this is removing the invincibility frames granted by mobs taking damage, then YAS!
    Also YES!
    This one was kind of funny though. . .
    Didn't know that was an issue, but no matter how small it's a buff to looting. Hope it ends up helping me out.
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  9. Liid_d

    Liid_d Well-Known Member

    choo choo get out of the way cuz hype train is here!
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  10. Finnally magma boss is worthy to fight :D
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  11. nabhit

    nabhit Active Member

    Nice Mate!

    Looting + Super Compactor bug fixes are huge and are just what I wanted

    Thorns/Glowstone are also nice
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  12. Great, now do the same for clay, if it's not done yet.
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  13. Ayyy good to see a changelog being made. Thank you c:
  14. Fumiko

    Fumiko Well-Known Member

    milk tea BOBA
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  17. ImRodry

    ImRodry Active Member

    Galex GALEX
    but it was codename...
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  18. Thanks hypickle , very cool!
  19. ImRodry

    ImRodry Active Member

    Galex GALEX
    [QUOTE="GreatWizard7, post: 16253220, member: 2905372"][/QUOTE]dude it was fixed
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  20. oi finally

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