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  1. Good luck Rich Dank Memer ;)
  2. :D Thanks
  3. Announcement We Now Removed The Requirements! Join Without Them! Its Allowed To!
  4. Hey, I couldnt find your discord?
  5. What?
  6. nvm, found it waiting for your message
  7. Good :D
  8. Why Do You Want To Be A Admin In Astonish?

    Answer: I want to help guide the path of this Guild, and to do so I will try my best as an Admin by recruiting members and using the skills and expertise from my past to bring more assets to the table to help the guild grow and become a better community for the other members that will join.

    Why Should We Accept You As An Admin In Astonish?

    Answer: Astonish is a guild that I am joining to make sure my time is well spent, and being an admin will let me make an impact and make my stay well worth for myself and the people in the guild. My abilities as a leader will also help being an admin and manage the day to day roles of the guild.

    Which Admin / Management Experience Do You Have?

    Answer: I was an Officer in the guild Divine Knights in 2016, where I rose up the ranks and started doing a more management position within the guild. Once I stopped playing MC I also left that position. Furthermore I have some assets in the graphics and designing ways that can also benefit the guild.
  9. Accepted! Congratulations, Amazing Application! We Hope To See You Help Us In The Next Months & Years. You Will Be Promoted ASAP. Thanks For Applying!
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  10. Why Do You Want To Be A Admin In Astonish?

    Answer: because I would like to help out the guild as much as possible and make sure it is a safe but fun guild

    Why Should We Accept You As An Admin In Astonish?
    Answer: because I'm fair and trustworthy/ loyal and only want the best for the guild and all its members

    Which Admin / Management Experience Do You Have?
    Answer: I use to own a reasonably large server of my own and have bean admins/moderators on numerus servers

    Any Notes?
    Answer: just want to get the most out of the guild and I am a MVP+
  11. Announcement! Added Staff Section To The Thread.
  12. Accepted! You Will Be Promoted ASAP. Thanks For Applying!
  13. Announcement! Admin Applications Closed Till Tomorrow.
  14. Announcement Thanks To ImKindaUgly ( @ImKinda ) We Got A New Thread Design! Go Check It Out!
  15. Member App

    Why Do You Want To Join Astonish?

    Answer: Because I'm wanting to join a serious guild, and this guild looks like the perfect fit for me.

    Why Should We Accept You Here In Astonish?

    Answer: Because i'm an possitive person and most like wise to be able to talk to in all kinda of situations.

    Do You Meet Some Of The Requirements (If So, Wich?)

    Answer: I don't know I can't seem to find the requirements anywhere in the format, or application setup.

    What Is Your Discord Name And # (If You Have One)

    Answer: Colidity []#6995

    Anything About You That We Should Know?

    Answer: I like anime I guess.

    Any Notes?

    Answer: Yeah I play about 2-3 hours a day & can contribute a lot of effort & time into the guild!
  16. Accepted! Will Invite You ASAP. And Sorry About The Requirements, I Did Not Update The Format.
  17. We Are Very Sorry To See You Resign, @ImKinda (ImKindaUgly, Once Admin Of The Guild) Do We Will Still Be Allied, Our Guild And Your Guild. (sorry if i am wrong, @ImKinda , ImKindaUgly) And Your Guild Will Join Our Alliance So We Will Have A Good Time, That's For Sure!

    In Love,
    The Astonish Staff Team.
  18. Important Announcement Admin Apps Open Till I Come Back From Holiday In Crete! Till I Come Back, @motboy6 (motboy6) will be in charge.

    Have A Good Day,
    The Astonish Staff Team.
  19. Thanks for the good times, will enjoy our new alliance!
  20. :D You Know if You Wouldn't Leave You Would Of Been In Charge? :D

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