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  1. [​IMG]

    The Guild 'Astonish' Was Created By SnowBowman In The 29th Decemeber 2018.
    With Alot Of Name, Ranks And Banner And Thread Changes, We Are Now Officially Named 'Astonish'

    Some Info

    Websites: Design 1 Design 2 Dark Design Light Design New Design Site Directory

    Name: Astonish

    MOTO: Die with memories, not dreams.

    Tag: [A] (Aqua Tag)


    General Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1...N3VdUitVwMntCw1EjVbe_6s-A9H9GGNA/formResponse

    Feedback Form: W.I.P

    To Make Members Active, We Introduced A System Called "Guild Rewards".
    -1 Month In The Guild: The [1Month] Tag & Rank On Discord And Access To The 1 Month Member Chat Channel On Our Discord & 50 Astonish Coins.
    -2 Months In The Guild Will Give You The [2Month] Tag & Rank On Discord And Access To The 2 Month Member Chat & The 2 Month Member Voice Channels On Our Discord & 75 Astonish Coins.
    -3 Months In The Guild Will Give You The [Known] Rank & Tag In Discord + The [3Month] Tag & Rank On Discord And Access To The 3 Month Member Chat & 3 Month Member Voice Channel On Our Discord & 100 Astonish Coins.
    -5 Months In The Guild Will Give You The [SENIOR] Rank & Tag On Discord And The [5Month] Rank & Tag On Discord. It Will Also Give You Access To The Senior Players Chat 1, Senior Players Chat 2, Senior Players Chat 3, Senior Voice 1, Senior Voice 2, Senior Voice 3. Discord Channels And The 5 Month Chat & 5 Month Voice Discord Channels + 175 Astonish Coins.

    Market Is A Place Where You Can Spend Your Astonish Coins Given From Winning Events, Being Time In The Guild (Each Day = 5 Astonish Coins) And Guild Rewards (Milestones) And More Ways Will Be Introduced. Here Is The Market:

    - [King] Tag & Ranks On Discord. 225 Astonish Coins

    - [High King] Rank & Tag On Discord. 230 Astonish Coins

    - [WOW] Rank & Tag On Discord. 235 Astonish Coins

    - [CRAZY] Rank & Tag On Discord. 240 Astonish Coins

    - [YEET] Tag & Rank On Discord. 245 Astonish Coins

    - [LOL] Tag & Rank On Discord. 250 Astonish Coins

    - [SUPER] Tag & Rank On Discord (Sadly Without The Rainbow Color, Because It Is Not Possible.)
    350 Astonish Coins

    - Access To The Crazy Astonish Coin Spenders Chat &
    Crazy Astonish Coin Spenders Voice Channels In Our Discord. 500 Astonish Coins



    In Our Guild, We Have Few Ranks.

    MEMBER: Member Is The Most Basic Rank. It Is Given To All New Guild Members.

    ELITE: Elite is A Guild Rank Given For Being Active & Taking The Guild Seriously.

    OFFICER: The first Staff Rank.

    HEAD OFFICER: The 2nd Staff Rank. Above Officer.

    MANAGER: The Highest Guild Staff Rank. It Has Most Permissions & All Head Officer, Officer, Elite & Member Permissions.

    GUILD MASTER: This Rank is The Rank For The Guild Master. It Has All Permissions & Only SnowBowman Has It.



    Guild Master: [MVP+] SnowBowman

    Ronandstone, [MVP+] motboy6

    Head Officer: [MVP+] _m_o_o_d_

    Officer: ills_125

    Members: Here

    - Please Be Active
    - No Swearing / Toxicity
    - Be Friendly.
    - All Hypixel Chat Rules Apply.
    - Do Not Hack On Any Hypixel Gamemode. Or It Will Lead To A Report + Guild Ban.
    - Respect All & Especially Staff Members.



    Member App

    Why Do You Want To Join Astonish?


    Why Should We Accept You Here In Astonish?


    What Is Your Discord Name And # (If You Have One)


    Anything About You That We Should Know?


    Any Notes?


    Officer App

    Why Do You Want To Be A Officer In Astonish?

    Why Should We Accept You As An Officer In Astonish?


    Which Officer / Staff Experience Do You Have?


    Any Notes?


    Manager App

    Why Do You Want To Be A Manager In Astonish?

    Why Should We Accept You As An Manager In Astonish?


    Which Management Experience Do You Have?


    Any Notes?

    Designed By ImKindaUgly
    Edited By SnowBowman

    Last edited: Jan 9, 2020
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  2. Good luck with your guild! ^-^
  3. Thanks! Do you REMEMBER me?
  4. Yes, I do :)
  5. :D
  6. Good luck with your guild ;)
  7. Thank you very much!
  8. 5th


    5th Active Member

    SkyBlockZ Z
    Luck Dude!
  9. Thank you very very very much!
  10. Guys thanks for the good luck.
  11. Good luck with the guild!
    The site is totally awesome, what did you use to make it? Also just a little suggestion you could add a little icon for each rank, instead of a star for all of them.

    The trailer...well...you (i assume) kinda defended the bed slowly and then normal bridging to diamond...it doesn't look that professional. But everyone is at that stage at some point, I just don't suggest creating a guild then. xD No offense. I created my guild AFTER I reached 100 stars in bedwars. You could add a little bit effects and also, imo you should cut out sitting in the gen and buying stuff, and also the bridging. The main focus should probably be you taking on players or defeating opponents with some epic strategies with your guild members. Also, it doesn't really help that one of your teammates disconnected...Also the music. Its your choice of the music of course but that doesn't really suit a cool trailer for a brand new hypixel guild. Anyways that was my basic review of the first trailer.

    Second trailer review: Its better than the first imo, at least as a trailer. You did reuse the same 4 square animation...but it still looks pretty good. Nice job on it!

    Thread: The thread is nice, buuuut...I think they are too many ranks, at least for a seven player guild. I have 45+ members in my guild, and so far I have 1 rank other than the default ones. I also think that maybe you shouldn't be able to APPLY for any rank other than council. What do I mean by this? I mean, you shouldn't be able to just pop in the guild, fill in the application for administrator and boom, you have the highest rank in the guild. Imo, YOU should watch potential guild staff carefully, see if they are active, mature, responsible, etc, and promote them in your own time. Same for mystic and insane. Other than that, good job on it!

    Also, you reached guild level 5. What will your tag be? Imo you should create the guild with a tag in mind. For example, I created my guild "shade" because it will fit in the tag and sounds pretty cool. Astonish...well the entire name won't fit in the tag, I guess you COULD write "A" or "ASTONI" or something, idk.

    Next, I have some ideas on guild events. If you'd like to hear them, check out my guild event thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/guild-event-ideas.2006486/

    Finally, if you'd like a guild to ally with, feel free to pm me! I'd love to ally with a guild with the goal of becoming a large friendly community!

    That was it! Hope you liked my review, and see yall in the next video!

    Ok, ok that was bad. Instead: Hope you enjoyed reading this review, took some notes, and would consider allying with my guild!
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  12. Thanks For The Long Review, i Sended The Needed Info.
  13. Anouncments Occured, Check The Message.
  14. Change: We Now Have OFFICIAL Requirements You MUST Meet.
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    Good luck my man!
  16. Thank you very very very very very much :D
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    No problem!
  18. :D
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