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  1. Hey everyone,

    Sorry for not updating the thread name to show Level 12! I have now updated it.
  2. 84% till Level 13! Lets get to level 15
  3. Great News!

    Astonish is officially now Level 13! Only 2 more levels till our goal!
  4. Why Do You Want To Join Astonish?

    Answer:i want to join a new community

    Why Should We Accept You Here In Astonish?

    Answer:because im friendly,active,not racist,nice

    What Is Your Discord Name And # (If You Have One)

    Answer:Ƿ Ƿ Ƿ_ ǦϝȃM#6021

    Anything About You That We Should Know?

    Answer:i love pvp im 11 years old i live in israel and love minecraft

    Any Notes?

  5. Good Luck :D
  6. hopefully you being 11 is a joke because Discord is for users 13 or above.
  7. I'm on my phone now. I'll review your app soon (1 Hour or so)
  8. Thanks!
  9. Hello, GfaM123

    Thanks for applying to Astonish! We are very happy to see you wish to join Astonish!
    After reviewing your application, and some talking, we have came to the following conclusion:
    At this time, you will not be joining Astonish, and you are hereby Denied.

    For further information, please privately contact me.
    You may apply again tomorrow.

  10. bump (Don't believe i still do this stuff)

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