1. Assassin of Steve and Assassin of Steve 2: The Tribal Snouts are two adventure maps by blazeandcave (in which I am the 'cave' part).

    Assassin of Steve

    Steve has been assassinated! Your mission is to defeat the Assassin, but he flees to hazardous locations home to evil monsters...
    This is our first adventure map that was originally published back in March 2014 for Minecraft 1.7. It has since been updated to later versions 1.8, then 1.9, and now settling on 1.10. During its time this map has amassed over 45,000 downloads across all sites. It is still a great challenge to play if you want to have a great adventure with lots of mob slaying and boss fighting whether solo or with friends.

    Players: 1-4
    Gameplay time: 6-8 hours
    Minecraft versions: All 1.10 versions

    For more informtion and download go here:


    Assassin of Steve 2: The Tribal Snouts

    The Assassin of Steve has escaped into the jungle, where the deadly Tribal Snouts
    reside. And on top of all the dangers, you have no idea where he is. But then you
    get a lead - the Assassin stole a valuable artifact from a temple that has a
    tracking device on it, but in order for you to track him you will need to find the
    four pink jewels...
    The sequel to Assassin of Steve, released back in February 2015, contains all sorts of 1.8 features, including brand new boss fights and mechanics. Like its predecessor, Assassin of Steve 2 has also been updated to 1.9 and 1.10 and has garnered a solid 17,500 downloads across all sites.

    Players: 1-4
    Gameplay time: 11-14 hours
    Minecraft versions: All 1.10 versions

    For more information and download go here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Assassin of Steve 3: Endergeddon

    The Assassin of Steve has escaped once again, with the Squiggly Replic, and a plot to end the world. You and a collection of allies, both old, new and unexpected, are the only ones who can stop him from bringing about Endergeddon. In your quest you must discover the way to enter the Assassin's domain so you can stop him while being relentlessly hunted by fleets of End Ships. But when you discover the true nature of the Assassin's plans, Minecraft will never be the same again.

    This is the epic conclusion to the Assassin of Steve trilogy. A year and a half's work went into creating this map and features cutscenes, 3D models, legendary boxes, runes, and many more features!

    Players: 1-4
    Gameplay time: 16-20 hours
    Minecraft versions: 1.11.2

    For more information and download go here:

    Join our discord server at:
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  2. MusicNinja

    MusicNinja Active Member

    WOW! Lots of writing!
    How Amazing they look!
  3. Amazing Redstone Guys, Good job on the map but the builds don't look 100% great, maybe in the sequel try to get a good builder to help.
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  4. Thanks. The sequel is actually out, and the builds are definitely better there (we didn't get a good builder, we just got better at building).
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  5. PlasmaWarrior

    PlasmaWarrior Well-Known Member

    WOW! Amazing work!
    Im definitely going to play this map!
  6. Nice, I'll have to play the sequel then ;)
  7. The trailer for Assassin of Steve 2 has been added.
    (The delayed release was due to technical reasons) ;)
  8. Added screenshots!
    Also Assassin of Steve 2 has been updated for 1.8.6
  9. Thriplerex

    Thriplerex Well-Known Member

    This has GOT to go on Hypixel! AMAZING MAP!
  10. Thanks! :)
    Sadly, both maps are too long, because they said adventure maps on the adventure lobby can only be up to one hour in length.
  11. Clashe

    Clashe Well-Known Member

    Otaku World OTAKU
    If you need a builder I'll be happy to help :)
  12. Void

    Void Well-Known Member

    oops OOPS
    this is epic!
  13. thegabe12

    thegabe12 Active Member

    Looks great.
  14. Assassin of Steve (the first one) has been updated for 1.9.
    Assassin of Steve 2's 1.9 update is coming soon.
  15. steelshadow313

    steelshadow313 New Member

    one of the most awesome map i have ever play this is amazingly awesome
  16. Assassin of Steve 2 has now been updated for 1.10.
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  17. The teaser for Assassin of Steve 3: Endergeddon has been added to the thread!

    Also I'll probably occasionally begin to post some more Assassin of Steve 3 news and sneak peeks on this thread for those who can't be bothered following me on Twitter. [​IMG]
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  18. PlasmaWarrior

    PlasmaWarrior Well-Known Member


    I like the texture pack. :p
  19. i love this
  20. While we did release a teaser video last week, the key word is that we called it a ‘teaser’ and not a ‘trailer.’ All we’re trying to say is, don’t get too excited that Assassin of Steve 3 will be coming out soon. Because, although we have been working extremely hard on it, as well as balancing Minecraft with life’s other demands, Assassin of Steve 3 is still a large project, larger than Assassin of Steve 1 and 2 (not combined, but still pretty big).

    To put this in perspective, many other large, long-term projects that take many months, perhaps even years, have recently been completed by other map-makers, and yes, there was once a time when everyone was really hyped for these maps but it seemed like they’d take ages to be completed and come out. But eventually they did.

    Assassin of Steve 3 will have that moment one day. Our current estimate is that it won’t be until around Q3 2017 (This still may change!). Most of the builds are complete, and currently 6 out of 15 missions have been fully wired and are playable. :)
  21. One cool thing about making sequels to things is that you get to put in lots of references and easter eggs to the previous things, and it's been mad fun putting in nods to Assassin of Steve 1 and 2 throughout Assassin of Steve 3.

    I wonder how many you'll be able to find?


    In other news, I recently wrote an article about loot tables for Map Making Mag and it got published! If you're ever wondering how to make loot table to create RPG style loot like what has been done in the Assassin of Steve maps check out my article in Issue 6 here!

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