1. Aspect of the Dragon
    Stats? +225 damage, +100 strength
    Ability? Dragon Rage, All monster in front of you take 700 damage, hit monsters take large knock-back
    How to obtain? Killing a dragon in the end, must be in at least 3rd place in terms of damage
  2. Y tho
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  3. 6XW


    6XW Well-Known Member

    Ideal IDEAL
    not only the how to obtain is wrong, this is just useless
  4. I didn’t mean to actually post it lol
  5. It was not meant to be posted lol
  6. Could be deleted :shrug:
  7. Delete it m8 :cool:
  8. Ember Rod
    How to get it: Craft it with enchanted blaze rods
  9. Ty
  10. How to craft leaping sword: Junp 5 times
  11. Enchanted blaze rod on ah: $200k
    Ember rod: bruh no value
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