1. Still, an actual content update would be nice.
    it took YEARS for this.

    I understand Hypixel is a business and Arena Brawl is making 0 profit but it would still be a nice thing to try and keep it alive

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  2. They were updating mega walls then they had 1/3 of our playerbase when the game came out :D

    Even though times were different back then, the playerbase profit thing doesn't make sense when you think about that, wish we got at least one (before now) after 2015, legit one every 2 years would keep this game fresh enough to have a small community.
  3. @Relenter I think the chat, like in tkr and ranked skywars, should tell you how far away you are from the next division (and how many games you need to play to be eligible for rewards if you aren't yet). Also there is a bug where in chat the rating will tell you that you have 1 more rating than you actually have (I don't really know how this works, it might be telling you that you gain one more than you do but I've had times where chat will say I'm 1700 when I'm 1699 and times where it will say I gained 2, and then my real rating will have only gone up by one. I've also gotten +1.0 and I don't know the difference between +1.0 and +2 because with both I usually gain one).
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    great update
  6. @Jonathannn sorry for bringing this up so late I just found out about this, but the pink and purple tag are the same color.
  7. Nice update!

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