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    This Arena update is part of our overall Classic Games update! We hope that these updates will help improve your gameplay experiences and remove bugs that you've seen over time. Check out the

    to see more updates on the games in the Classic Lobby.

    Continue reading to see a full list of changes made to Arena!

    Ranked Changes
    We have made some changes to ranked to make things more enjoyable and balanced!

    Click the spoiler below to see all the changes to ranked.

    • You can no longer lose rating while you are below 1200 rating
    • Changed the amount of rating required for each armour set so they are all obtainable
      • Leather: 0-1100
      • Iron: 1100-1250
      • Gold: 1250-1400
      • Diamond: 1400+
    • Renamed the packages to divisions and added a masters division
    • Changed the icons in the ranked rewards menu to chestplates to go along with the in-game rating armour
    • Changed positions requirements for some divisions and changed some divisions to be based off rating
    • Added new rewards and changed some of the coins/experience amounts
    Here are the new rewards given for each division. Some rewards will rotate each season.
    • Masters Division: (#1 - #10)
      • 350k Hypixel Experience
      • 150k Arena coins
      • 1500 classic tokens
      • 200 Magical Keys
      • 12 hour 3x coin booster
      • Enchanted Emerald Block Hat
      • Hearts Melee Trail
      • Notes Melee Trail
      • Pinata kill effect OR Rekt kill effect
      • Heart Aura kill effect OR Experience Orb kill effect
      • Cookie Fountain kill effect OR Squid Missile kill effect
    • Diamond Division: (#11 - #35)
      • 175k Hypixel Experience
      • 100k Arena coins
      • 1000 classic tokens
      • 100 Magical Keys
      • Enchanted Diamond Sword
      • Enchanted Diamond Block Hat
      • Notes Melee Trail
      • Heart Aura kill effect OR Experience Orb kill effect
      • Cookie Fountain kill effect OR Squid Missile kill effect
    • Gold Division: (#36 - #100)
      • 100k Hypixel Experience
      • 70k Arena coins
      • 500 classic tokens
      • 50 Magical Keys
      • Enchanted Gold Sword
      • Enchanted Gold Block Hat
      • Cookie Fountain kill effect OR Squid Missile kill effect
    • Iron Division: (1300+ Rating)
      • 70k Hypixel Experience
      • 50k Arena coins
      • 250 classic tokens
      • 20 Magical Keys
      • Enchanted Iron Sword
      • Cookie Fountain kill effect OR Squid Missile kill effect
    • Stone Division: (1200+ Rating)
      • 30k Hypixel Experience
      • 30k Arena coins
      • 100 classic tokens
      • 10 Magical Keys
      • Enchanted Stone Sword
    • Wood Division: (1100+ Rating)
      • 20k Hypixel Experience
      • 20k Arena coins
      • 50 classic tokens
      • 5 Magical Keys
      • Enchanted Wood Sword

    New Cosmetics
    We have added a bunch of new cosmetics in this update! This include:
    • Melee trails - This is a new cosmetic suggested by the community which spawns particles every time you hit a player with melee
    • Kill effects - We have added kill effects similar to many other games which trigger every time you kill a player
    • Win prefixes - As requested by the community we have added in-game win prefixes which display your total wins across all modes
    • New hats - We have also added several new hats, including an elusive disco hat
    Disco Hat

    Hearts Melee Trail

    New Maps
    We have added 4 new maps in this update! Along with this we have brought back the Jungle map for 2v2! The Jungle map has been reworked slightly based on community feedback, the powerup locations have been altered and the slabs have been removed from the top of the bridge.

    Click the spoiler below to see images of all the new maps.





    New Achievements
    New achievements have been added which add up to a total of 315 new achievement points!

    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of new achievements.

    • Hard Earned Reward - 10
      Earn a ranked reward
    • Iron Heart - 15
      Claim an iron division reward or higher
    • Deadly Pumpkin - 15 (retroactive)
      Find the Pumpkin Launcher in the magical chest
    • Don't touch me! - 10
      Kill someone with your cactus shield
    • Maximum Runic Magic - 15 (retroactive)
      Max a rune
    • Doom Shroom Gloom - 5
      Kill a player with your Doom Shroom
    • Big Brawler - 10 (current win streak will count)
      Win 2v2 10 times in a row
    • Nice Spare! - 10
      Kill someone using boulder toss while wearing the bowling hat
    • New Toy! - 10 (retroactive)
      Find a sword in the magical chest
    • Environmentalist - 10
      Have a Tree of Life and Doom Shroom activate at the same time
    • The Dragon Within - 5
      Hit 2 players with one Flame/Freezing Breath
    • My New Hat - 5
      Win wearing an Epic hat
    • You Shall Not Pass - 10
      Freeze 2 players in your Wall of Vines
    • Healthy Totem - 5
      Place down a healing totem and don't let it break
    • Power Hungry - 5
      Kill a player while using your Berserk ultimate
    • Spirited Away– 5
      Use spirit link in a game
    • Disco Star – 20
      Unlock the disco hat
    • Magical Box – 5-10-15-20-25 (retroactive)
      Use the magical box 10-100-500-1500-3000 times
    • Powerup! – 5-10-15-20-25
      Activate 10-100-250-500-1000 powerups

    Quality of Life Changes
    We have done several quality of life changes based on community feedback.

    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of quality of life changes.

    • Removed obfuscated names in chat/tab in the pre-game and players are now able to chat
    • Added a toggleable option that allows you to have your current ranked armour equip while in the pre-game lobby
    • All in-game skills are now unlocked for everyone to use (except skills found in the magical chest). Refunds will be given for skills that have been purchased already
    • Changed the default support skill to holy water
    • Added a "No Rune" option in the shop
    • Added a sound effect when a rune activates
    • Changed the rating required for each armour tier so they are all obtainable
    • You can now switch skills and runes in the pre-game
    • Added a /draw command for 2v2s, if everyone in the game uses the command the game will automatically draw instead of having to wait 10 minutes. Note: Only players still in the game are required in order to draw the game, so if a player disconnects the players left in the game can still draw
    • You can now see your progress on the amount of hats you have unlocked for each rarity
    • It's now possible to use 1, 10, or 25 magical keys at a time
    • The fireball skill has been changed to a particle effect, similar to Warlords
    • Added the player count per mode in the npc menu
    • Selected skills now glow in the shop menu
    • Added a difficulty and type for each skill
    • Coin messages have been updated to include reasons
    • Crest is now a 4v4 only map
    • Exodus is now a 1v1 only map
    • Added a tank rune that reduces melee damage by 50% with activation chances: 5% - 8% - 11% - 14% - 17% - 21% - 25%

    Balancing Changes
    We have re-balanced some things to make the game more fair and enjoyable.

    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of balancing changes.

    • Flame Breath: Changed to 135 damage with 2, 15 damage ticks
    • Ancient Breath: Changed to 185 damage
    • Boulder Toss: Reduced energy cost to 75 and increase the damage dealt to 230
    • Rocket Chicken: Now explodes on player impact as well as on blocks, and the speed of the projectile has been increased slightly
    • Snowball: Increased damage dealt from 55 to 60, decreased slowness duration from 2 seconds to 1 and decreased slowness chance from 20% to 10%
    • Guided Pig 2000: Now explodes on player impact as well as on blocks
    • Falcon Punch: Changed the immobilization to a slowness effect. The skill will no longer activate if you punch a player that has a shield active, it will remain charged until you are able to hit a player successfully
    • Golem Fall: Increased the falling speed of the golem
    • Bone Shield: Changed the cooldown to 30 seconds, the cooldown now starts counting down as soon as you activate the skill. Lowered the health restored per bone to 25. The bones will stay active for 18 seconds before disappearing
    • Life Leech: Reduced the cooldown in between heals from 0.7 to 0.4 seconds, and hitting a player that has a shield will no longer heal you
    • Star Shield: Increased health restored from 50 to 60, but reduced the negative effect times to: 2 seconds for stuns, 2.5 seconds for immobilization and 4 seconds for slowness
    • Song of Power: Increased range from 7 to 9 blocks
    • Vampiric Chain: Increased the range from 8 blocks to 13 blocks
    • Cactus Shield: Cooldown now stats counting down as soon as you activate the skill. The cactus stays active for 13 seconds.
    • Shield wall: Now lasts 10 seconds
    • Reflect damage: Now lasts 8 seconds
    • Berserk: Increased speed from 30% to 40%. The caster is now immune to negative effects while berserk is active and the cooldowns for all other skills are reduced by 5%
    • Energy Rune: Decreased activation chances to 6% - 7% - 8% - 9% - 10% - 11% - 12%
    • Speed Rune: Decreased activation chances to 3% - 4% - 5% - 6% - 7% - 8% - 9%
    • Slow Rune: Slowness now last for 2 seconds, decreased activation chances to 3% - 4% - 5% - 6% - 7% - 8% - 9%
    • Decreased the amount of kills needed for the daily kills quest from 10 to 5
    • Decreased the amount of games needed for the weekly quest from 50 to 35

    Bug Fixes
    We have fixed a lot of bugs in this update, huge thanks to everyone who has reported them!

    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of bug fixes.

    • Fixed shop related achievements not being awarded
    • Fixed being able to kill players after the game has ended by using broodmother
    • Made the damage powerup messages more consistent
    • Fireball no longer destroys powerup holograms
    • Fixed all the skin hats in the shop from showing the default skin
    • Fixed the chat messages while petrified from showing that damage has been dealt even though you can't deal damage while petrified
    • You can now jump normally if you escape polymorph before it expires, this also fixes the speed increase you could get if you spammed the jump button after escaping polymorph
    • Broodmother spiders will no longer spawn inside of walls
    • Fixes the chat messages from cactus shield so they display the correct percentages
    • * Fixed occasionally getting kicked from the game if you are petrified
    • Players without a rank can now use /shout
    • Fixed the "Spartacus" achievement triggering when you kill someone above 1000 rating instead of above 1250
    • Removed the protip message when rejoining a game
    • Removed the glow from some hats in the shop since they didn't have a glow in-game
    • Fixed the combat upgrades menu saying that you don't have enough coins when clicking on upgrades that you have already purchased
    • Fixed youtubers not being able to earn some achievements
    • You can no longer gain stats/achievements if you are in a party in a 1v1
    • Seismic wave should now be a lot more consistent at destroying structures
    • Fixed arena wins not counting towards your total stats in the stats viewer menu
    • Fixed being able to claim rewards from the stone division when you qualify for better rewards
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