1. Just a lil question. Do you prefer to defend your base or do you go for kills?
    And on a side question, do you go for kills or goals? :-o
  2. Hello, sometimes I mostly like going for the kills as I know that I have good parkour skills and pretty nice cps. Being on defensive side is kinda difficult, you always got players rushing you and you can just barely keep up..I would say the game is kinda stressful xD
  3. I personally like going for kills and goals, but mainly goals. ;)
  4. switchedAccounts

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  5. Chefpita

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  6. For me, it really depends. I will usually always start out on the offensive, but if the other team is continuously scoring then I will start acting on the defensive and building a barrier between the bridge and the goal so that the other team has a more difficult time getting it. I usually only play 4v4s, so with 3 other players rushing the opposing team, it won't hurt them much if one of them hangs back to build a defense.
  7. You can't win if you don't try to score SOOOOOOO
  8. i rush... kill a lil bit... and i win... so i guess im just OP
  9. People always get mad when i go for goals and win when they were going for kills.
    I dont understand it.
  10. At the start of the game I go for a goal and some kills. However, when the other team(s) are really good or hacking, I try to stay at the base and knock them off.
  11. Pluufi

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    In the beginning of the game, I’d go in for mainly goals first, but if the games are found to be too long, I just grind on kills for fun ;P if they start charging in faster than my team, I’d switch to try and defend, but you know that moment when you get really intimidated by them since they’re coming at you so fast? Yeah.
  12. I Play Agro Because I'm Good At Block Clutching I Can Just Get Stuff Done Fast
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    Infamy INFAMY
    I mostly play offensive. But sometimes you gotta back off and try to pull off something smart, instead of just going fully aggressive.
  14. I mean theres no way to win the game if you don't play offensively. Unless of course you're good enough to make them rage quit
  15. The game is extremely stressful o_O! but I still tryhard it to the max and after 20 games or so my hands are shaking!

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