1. Are there any restrictions to what code I am allowed to write or
    how many requests I am allowed to send over the SkyBlock / Hypixel API?
    I have searched online but I can't find any rules but the normal SkyBlock Rules

    I'm just a programmer who wants DATA to play around with.
    In order to get the data (for an all-data-there-is-inclusive leaderbord) I would need either
    • a download the whole database link (that would be awsome and I would not have to torture the network),
    • a list of all skyblock players (would be cool if there was something like that) and many requests or
    • extremely many requests (we are talking about '2 + every friend and guild member' requests per player)
    To sum up my first question:
    Is there any cap on requests per second or in total on my api key
    or could I get any sort of punishment for using my api key that intense?

    To make that clear
    I don't plan on doing a ddos attack.
    I'm just one guy with one computer and one internet connection,
    who wants to get lots of data with normal requests using for example requests like the following
    in for examle a java program.
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  2. As long as you don't abuse the API you can pretty much develop any tool you'd like to. The default limit per API key is 120 queries per minute.

    Every API query counts towards that 120 queries per minute, except for those semi-static resources:

    If you want to grab every player that will indeed take very long considering the API limit plus you'd need to know every single username of players playing SkyBlock, since a bunch of players won't have friends or a guild you can use.
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  3. Well maybe not... Everyone uses the ah once in a while right?
    Jup defnitly...
    That is one of my questions. What does abusing mean? Can you name examples?
    I mean besides a ddos attac which is more an attack than an abuse...
    How could you abuse a database? It just provides free data.
    What could be dissalowed to do with it? It is no personalized data so what can go wrong?
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  4. Why don't you just use https://api.hypixel.net/skyblock/auctions?page=0 to get your data?
    Requesting it once an hour or so should be enough to get about the amount of data in their db as most people make auctions longer than one hour.
    • You won't get to any limit (as you would just make about 30 request per hour)
    • You will have a lot of skyblock data to play with, just not player metadata directly
    Abusing is when you exceed the 120 requests/min repeatetly.
  5. Yea that's what I ment by that ;)
    Thanks for the info. Is there any source to that information?
  6. The limit and that abuse will lead to your API key being disabled is mentioned here: https://github.com/HypixelDev/PublicAPI
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  7. Abuse could also be using the API to assist you in violating server rules.
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  8. I read your post and was intrigued by the possibilities. it turns out you can scrap quite a lot of data using the auctions api. I let my program check the auction house every 5 minutes for an hour and I got a list of 24000 profile ids (and doubtless many more players) . in order to get this data to play with I think leaving it running for a week would capture the players that actually matter for statistics. the assumption is active players use the auction house at least once a week. since you can request the skyblock profiles of ~7200 players per hour, you could feasibly (probably weekly or monthly) analyze the entire meaningful skyblock playerbase and gather insights. I will release a skyblock "state of the union" after I have acquired this data and perhaps make it a weekly or monthly thing or something. there is no reason for a bunch of people to collect the same data that I have if I can just share it.
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  9. Like that a lot :)
  10. Now a friend came up with the idea of having more that one api key.
    Is the limit of 120 requests per api key or per ip address?
  11. At the moment its per key.
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