Archer or tools

  1. Archer (say why)

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  1. Im curious, who mainly goes archer and who mainly goes tools.

    I like archer cause i prefer to bow and it suits my passive aggressive playstyle
  2. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    Tools because bowing gets you no where anymore.
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  3. Not true at all, you should see me and @EastPittsburg
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  4. Tools because its easy to drop people with bows.
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  5. EastPittsburg

    EastPittsburg Active Member

    disagree i played for about 5 days now won about 10 :p cant say bow gets you no where
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  6. Not if they play smart
  7. MKRL

    MKRL Well-Known Member

    Tools as far as solo went. I always went looter in teams though. I don't know how much has changed in the past month since I stopped playing
  8. Bow because im absolute rubbish at pvp and love to try and get artemis ;)
  9. tools
    you can easily drop people for a bow within like the first 5 mins
    bowing just drains each team
    more likely to get cleaned as bow battles take much longer
    going all out for a s3 dia /s3 iron is much better than hoping you find bones for p1/p2
    you can shear sheep
    if you find a swamp you are guaranteed a mineshaft pretty much as there are always mineshafts in swamp ( something y'all probs didn't know :p )
    people wall up or dig down when you pull out a bow which is just annoying
    if your gonna go archer then you'd probs be looking to getting a horse and as I said before people dig down even more
    playing agressive which is what you do with tools is much more likely to work out rather than playing passive and playing 'smart' with a bow; you'll most likely have more gear and can just drop one person.
    toolsmithing perk alows people to get a lot more gold which = a lot more healing which = higher chance of just getting drained in the end.
    and ye.....

    bowing used to be the meta because back then (i'd say before summer 2017) because
    People could abuse daredevil and people wouldn't dig down
    a lot of people would just be clean full iron so power 2s would hurt
    you weren't able to shear sheep
    I also feel as if youtubers have a big effect on how others play. Such as mydoeza and palikka would just destroy people with bow and people would kinda copy that. Then scotteh went for the high kill games and that was a trend for a long time and to do that you had to drop people quickly so going tools was the smartest option.
    ye that's my thoughts!!111!! :D
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  10. eh back when I played looter, drag sword, drag armour & tablets with 2-4 gaps, 8+ gold left over w/ 40 mins left til dm was what I aimed for & got often.
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  11. where did you learn that there was always mineshafts in swamps?
  12. Shrek probably told him.
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  13. EastPittsburg

    EastPittsburg Active Member


    Alot of this goes for bow also first fight you can drop someone with a sharp 3 sword also. I play with two bowers and 1 melee most the time. so if someone digs they are away from their teammates most the time. So now my teammate can mine down on them. I will kite the rest of the players trying to get to them with a p2 or 3 bow because it only takes 3 shots to be at half health lol. All you have to do is hit shoots and it makes it easy.

    also with my melee player i make them a tank why i always have the less gear.
  14. But you will have a much higher chance of dropping players with a s3 rather than your bow at the start of the game.
    and as I said before, because of the toolsmithing perk a lot of people have more healing now days and people who take the game seriously will atleast have 2 gaps before they start fighting. If you melee you could drop them with gaps, if you bow you will still probs kill them but they probs would have ate their healing and there is a higher chance of you getting cleaned because bow fights are longer.

    Archer is more likely to just drain you
    Tools you're more likely to gain healing as you're actually dropping them.

    Now I do agree that 2 archers and one melee guy is a very good strat but we're talking about what the best kit is here so i'm just kinda talking for a solo persons perspective.
  15. EastPittsburg

    EastPittsburg Active Member

    In solo a bow can be really good the problem everyone and their mom runs away. even when they have a bow and get out bowed they would just run.
  16. Archer because if you fail melee you can just run, turn and bow, water, repeat
  17. Leather
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  18. MongoosePvP

    MongoosePvP Active Member

    bows are for scared little babbies
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  19. no?
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  20. tools because of the rushing

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