1. Hello!
    We're working on an Arcade Games update and wanted to outline a rough plan that we want to use as reference, similar to what we've done with the previous QoL updates.
    This thread will also be kept up-to-date so you know the status of each step. We generally try to arrange them in a chronological order, however nothing on here is final and is subject to change :)

    Improvements To Smaller Games
    Goal: Bounty Hunters, Dragon Wars, Ender Spleef and Throw Out are the games with least games starting overall. Bring them up-to-date with scoreboard / tab formatting, fix some bugs, and improve the quality of the games without changing the game concepts or contents as a whole.
    Threads: None.
    Status: Done and live.
    Coin Conversion
    Goal: Remove the daily conversion limit as it is quite limiting right now if you have a lot of coins. Adjust current coin conversions rates to make the exchange rate fairer / more balanced. Add Build Battle coin conversion.
    Threads: Coin Conversion Changes - Proposal
    Status: Done and live.
    Player Count Changes
    Goal: Adjust the player count to improve gameplay experience. This can be lowering the amount of players needed to start a game so games start more often, but also increasing the amount of players e.g. to allow more players per team in Football.
    Threads: Player Count Changes - Proposal
    Status: Done and live.
    Lobby Enhancements
    Goal: Add win leaderboards and a stats NPC, similar to Bedwars. Fix the infoboard mentioning Build Battle.
    Threads: -
    Status: Done and live.
    Merge Party Games 1 & 2 & 3
    Goal: Have one queue for party games and pick games randomly from all three versions. Will be 8 players per game. Remove the temporary Hypixel Sports mode.
    Threads: -
    Status: Done and live.
    Misc Changes
    Goal: Improving the current games by doing small changes. (E.g. see if we can have resource packs not reloaded when using the play again paper, handle players with same score in Party Games, etc.)
    Threads: -
    Status: Done and live.

    Everything above this will be part one of the update. Everything below will be part two of the update.

    Website Leaderboards
    Goal: Add wins leaderboards to the forums.
    Link: Arcade Games Leaderboards
    Status: Done and live.
    Goal: Add some new achievements here and there and adjust current achievements if needed.
    Threads: -
    Status: All work done, just needs testing.
    Bug Fixes
    Goal: Fix major bugs and improve gameplay experience.
    Threads: -
    Status: Done and live.
    New Party Games
    Goal: Add some new party games (minigames)!
    Threads: -
    Status: Maps have been finalized, just need to test everything
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  2. Cool !
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  3. Noice
  4. Kosher

    Kosher Active Member

    Goal GOAL
    Finally! Some good news.
    Please add another Football map perhaps or multiple to change things up.
    Also don't force kick players on Blocking Dead, Galaxy Wars, and Pixel Painters for not using the texture pack as some maybe already have the same pack downloaded so they don't have to reload the pack all the time and crash.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  5. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    @xMikyGamingYT you seen this time to celebate
  6. The plan is to remove that restriction (and the kicks) and add the resource pack book (already used in Warlords). Does that sound good?
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  7. What? NOOOOO. Please no. Don't add such a useless conversion.
    Sounds ok. Can you remove Avalanche while you're at it?
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  8. JulianElf

    JulianElf Active Member

    This sounds amazing, and it's much needed :D

    I play both Galaxy Wars and Blocking Dead (two of the resource pack games) a ton and see a lot of players kicked every game which is very unfortunate. I'm very glad you will be fixing this, the book system is much better!

    Also, I made a thread that contains some fixes/updates that I believe fit in with what you're trying to do here:
  9. Kosher

    Kosher Active Member

    Goal GOAL
    We should pm as there's a lot to talk about. I could be a big help.
  10. Aeno

    Aeno Active Member

    Galex GALEX
    True, a new map would be great!
  11. Nicosia

    Nicosia Well-Known Member

    Woah, very cool

    For achievement ideas, possibly:

    Win a game as the last player alive on your team in mini walls - 5 pt

    Score 5 goals in a game of football - 10 pt

    Win a game of Hypixel says with over 30 pts - 10 pt

    Kill 5+ animals as a hunter in farm hunt - 5 pt

    Win a Hypixel sports game with 9 stars - 10 pt

    Do 150 damage to withers in one game of mini walls - 10 pt

    Score in the first 10 seconds of a football game - 5 pt

    Finish Swimming or Running in under 45 seconds (Hypixel Sports) - 10 pt

    Finish Hurdles in under a minute (Hypixel Sports) - 5 pt

    In Dragon Wars, kill someone with your wither blast - 5 pt

    Kill 500 zombies in a game of zombies - 15 pt

    Win a game of zombies without dying - 10 pt

    Place 50 blocks with builder kit in mini walls - 5 pt

    Also, possibly a hypixel says wins tier / tiers in other arcade games?

    Ty for updating arcade games
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  12. Nicosia

    Nicosia Well-Known Member

    Last thing, this would basically just be the football leaderboard v2 due to a bug that occurred a while ago with wins counting as 2 and it being easier to win

    Possibly just a coin leaderboard and then you can switch to the leaderboards of different games?

    or another idea I have would be to add an “arcade points” system, for example zombies wins being 10 or something due to it being harder and longer, mini walls being 3-5, blocking dead being around 6-7, etc
    Dead games could have a little buff to increase player count also

    idk just a suggestion
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  13. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    sounds amazing
  14. Not without a reason :) What's wrong about it? (I'm assuming you're talking about the Party Game minigame.)

    Thanks for all the ideas already, we'll keep track of threads in this section during the update! We also have been searching through some older threads we could find.
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  15. It's more so that the game needs a hard lock on rounds. Right now it seems to have a soft lock, where a group of players can keep playing the game until the server crashes/reboots. Also some Farm Hunt players seem upset about the recent update, especially with the hitboxes. It sounds like the hitbox detection was increased by a pretty large margin.
  16. We'll have a look at that and try to avoid being able to stall the game!
    The only change in regards to combat in Farm Hunt was to add a sound that plays when you hit real animals.
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  17. YAY! Happy to hear that at least one member of staff is paying attention to arcade for once. Hyped for the ideas.


    Although adding leaderboards for wins would be a cool addition, having an overalls leaderboards is futile because it will just be the same as the Football leaderboards because other arcade games are arguably harder to grind wins in (e.g. Zombies).

    Also, would the arcade coin leaderboards remain? It would be nice to have the overall coins leaderboard as the 'default' (since monthly and weekly show inaccurate number of coins anyway) and have the ability to switch through the games for the win leaderboards - just like the guild leaderboards for games in the main lobby. Moreover, having a win leaderboard for each arcade game would take up a lot of space in lobby so the ability to switch through the leaderboards would make the lobby look much cleaner and organised.
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  18. We'll have wins leaderboards for each game aswell, so I think it makes sense to keep a total wins leaderboard in addition to that.
    What do you mean by inaccurate? What coins are not being reflected on there?
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  19. oH LOL. i legit said the same thing without reading the thread properly. welp. now i look like a dummy...

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  20. But, as I said, it would literally reflect the Football wins leaderboard which is unfair on those who play other arcade games who cannot ever grind/win up to that standard. The whole lobby of arcade games is a wide mix. For some it's about fast-paced gameplay therefore resulting in easy wins, others are for long plays and trying to do better than you did before, another about using different skills and trying to get top three in that game. So, even though having a wins leaderboard for each game praises those who play the particular game a lot, having an overalls leaderboard would just undermine the effort players in other arcade games have put into playing arcade.

    I'm not sure if I did a good job at explaining that but my fellow arcade players should know what I mean. (If anyone can explain it clearer, please do so and help me)

    It states that people get like 8 million coins a week/month when in reality their overall coins has barely increased by that significance. I am on it and I definitely do not get this amount of coins per week/month - no matter how much I play. It gives a false idea to those who look at the leaderboards and become in awe at how people can earn so much in such a short amount of time. People always message me "how do you get x many coins in a week?!" and it's awkward explaining that I don't get nearly as close as it states on the leaderboards.
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