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    We're happy to announce that the second part of the Arcade Games update has been finished! To read more about how this update progressed over the last two months, click here!

    Otherwise, keep reading for all the info!

    New Party Games

    Race other players to dive into the pool. Landing in the pool places a block of your color and gives you a point. The player with the most points wins!

    Anvil Spleef

    Anvils rain from the sky and destroy blocks they hit. Avoid falling anvils and the holes they create; last one standing wins!

    Super Sheep

    Riding your sheep places a trail of glass behind you, avoid all the glass to stay alive. Clicking the forward key uses gas and speeds you up for a short period of time, use this to cut off other players. Last one standing wins!

    New Achievements
    • Zombies: Alien Arcadium Rounds - Get to round 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 in Alien Arcadium
    • Zombies: Nice Shot - Get 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 7500 zombie kills
    • Zombies: Time Trial Dead End - Complete the Dead End map in under 30 minutes
    • Zombies: Time Trial Bad Blood - Complete the Bad Blood map in under 30 minutes
    • Zombies: Herobrine - Kill Herobrine on the Bad Blood map
    • Hole in The Wall: Finals - Reach finals in Hole in the Wall
    • Hole in The Wall: Score - Reach 150 score in Hole in the Wall
    • Pixel Painters: Number 1 - Achieve 1st place in Pixel Painters
    • Mini Walls: Last Man Standing - Win a game as the last player alive on your team in Mini Walls
    • Football: Pro - Score 5 goals in one game of Football
    • Hypixel Says: Master - Win a game of Hypixel Says with over 30 points
    • Farm Hunt: Killer - Kill 5 animals in one game as hunter
    • Mini Walls: Aggressor - Deal 150 damage to withers in a single Mini Walls game
    • Football: Speedy - Score in the first 10 seconds of a football game
    • Dragon Wars: Blast - Kill someone with your wither blast in Dragon Wars
    • Zombies: Serial Killer - Kill 500 zombies in a single game
    • Zombies: Survivor - Win a game of zombies without dying
    Other Achievement Changes:
    • Renamed all achievements to more clearly show what minigame they must be achieved in
    • Decreased Dragon Tamer achievement to 4 people on 1 dragon
    • Decreased Dragon Slayer to 15 kills in 1 game
    Bug Fixes
    • General: Added instance IDs to scoreboard header as other games have it.
    • General: Disabled player collisions for some games.
    • General: Fixed Hide and Seek wins not counting towards total wins.
    • Blocking Dead: All items are now translated to English, instead of the language of the player who received them.
    • Blocking Dead: You should be able to stack most items now.
    • Blocking Dead: Fixed some messages and names not respecting /nick.
    • Blocking Dead: Fixed skulls of player skins not loading correctly.
    • Creeper Attack: Changed wording of "Team Work" achievement to avoid confusion.
    • Farm Hunt: Arrows don't regenerate after game end anymore.
    • Farm Hunt: Fixed translations of POOOOOOP.
    • Farm Hunt: You can now disguise by clicking a disguised player.
    • Farm Hunt: Increased update rate of bossbar.
    • Galaxy Wars: Added spawn protection.
    • Hide and Seek: Fixed players rarely becoming a spectator when joining games.
    • Hide and Seek: Party Pooper: Fixed being able to keep an axe after an objective.
    • Hide and Seek: Prop Hunt: Prevented an exploit letting you glitch into blocks.
    • Hide and Seek: Prop Hunt: Prevented an exploit letting players levitate.
    • Hypixel Says: Punch tall grass: Grass now completely disappears after the round.
    • Mini Walls: Fixed being able to spam the items in the pregame lobby.
    • Mini Walls: Fixed pre-selected kit not being selected when joining a pregame.
    • Mini Walls: /map works for Mini Walls now.
    • Mini Walls: Arrows that travel through blocks with special models right before hitting wool now destroy the wool correctly.
    • Party Games: Avoided dying before game start in some games.
    • Party Games: Fixed compass still mentioning PG 1/2/3.
    • Party Games: Added AFK checks.
    • Party Games: Added some checks to prevent multiple game ends / reward summaries.
    • Party Games: Added some empty lines to scoreboards to make them look better.
    • Party Games: Increased update rate of bossbar between games.
    • Party Games: Reduced rollbacks when double jumping.
    • Party Games: Animal Slaughter: Fixed spectators being able to kill animals.
    • Party Games: Avalanche: Added a message indicating when you can hit players.
    • Party Games: Chicken Rings: Teleporting players back inside the playable area is now working again.
    • Party Games: Jungle Jump: Fixed bossbar not updating.
    • Party Games: Minecart Racing: Changed how the finish detection works. Previously, minecarts that were too fast would not be detected to cross the finish line.
    • Party Games: Minecart Racing: Added some fixes so minecarts should spawn more consistently.
    • Party Games: Minecart Racing: Fixed bossbar not updating your current speed.
    • Party Games: Pig Fishing: Fixed an issue causing every pig to be worth twice the regular score.
    • Party Games: Pig Fishing: Fixed an issue causing messages to show twice.
    • Party Games: RPG-16: Every message now uses the same name for this game.
    • Party Games: Shooting Range: You now also win with exactly 60 points.
    • Party Games: Spider Maze: Avoided ice from forming on the map.
    • Pixel Painters: Potentially fixed wrong winners from tie being forwarded to next round.
    • Pixel Painters: Fixed mycelium blocks not being textured completely.
    • Soccer: Coins now count correctly on the weekly and monthly coins leaderboard.
    • Soccer: Removed a message stating you need to have the resource pack in order to play, which is not the case anymore.
    • Soccer: Potentially fixed an issue causing players to be stuck outside the map until the first goal is scored.
    • Soccer: Fixed some causes for the ball getting stuck in banners.
    • Zombies: Disabled first-person spectating to avoid several exploits.
    • Zombies: Prevented hostile mobs from targeting spectators.

    Website Leaderboards

    Website leaderboards are now live! You can find them here!
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    HYPEEE!!! Achievement hunting and more party games fun!!!!

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  5. Update CW, thanks.

    It’s been over 600 days it’s way overdue
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    pico de gallo GUAP
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    I love this update.

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