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    We're happy to announce that the first part of the Arcade Games update has been finished! Over the past month we have been working closely with the community. Similar to other Quality of Life updates we have done, we presented a roadmap to the community to show our plan, to keep everyone up to date on our progress, but also to encourage feedback on every step.

    Lobby Improvements

    Stats NPC

    To move away from the cycling scoreboard showing all game's wins, there is now a Stats NPC to the left of the lobby, that allows showing more game-specific statistics!


    Win Leaderboards
    For our competitive players, we have added win leaderboards for every game! Oh ... and we fixed the coins leaderboards to be more accurate, too!


    Coin Conversion
    We have updated the coin conversion rates to make them more fair for every game. Additionally, we added a conversion rate for Build Battle! To find out about these changes, check out the proposal thread which was updated with the final values. And while we were at it, we improved the shop and conversion menu to be more intuitive and fitting with the rest of the network.


    Game Improvements
    As a major part of this update, the goal was to improve small things in the individual games, mostly ideas by experienced members of the community. Further, some focus was on the smaller games to improve the gameplay experience. Especially Throw Out was far below the quality standard that we want our games to have. Alongside improvements there have been some bug fixes, too, most of the bug fixes will happen in the second part in the update though!

    Blocking Dead
    • Players now spawn in plane seats when joining the pregame.
    • Issues with unloaded chunks have been fixed.
    • The cornfield now is made up of not only tall grass, but also small grass to make it easier to survive. (See here.)
    • Zombies do not attack through solid blocks anymore.
    • The spawn conditions have been improved, so Zombies do not spawn directly inside players anymore.
    • Extended the rescue zones vertically, to be more lenient with slabs and such.
    • The win message now also shows kills of the respective players.
    • Hunger loss is slightly reduced in rescue zones.
    • Fixed players being able to get onto the crashed plane wing.
    Bounty Hunters
    • Your bounty and your distance to them is now constantly shown in the action bar, so you don't have to hold your compass anymore.
    • Your bounty will now have a golden name everywhere (nametag, bossbar, action bar, ...), other enemies are red.
    • Your bounty will now have golden particles, your hunter has red particles.
    • Arrows are now put in the last slot.
    • Killing your bounty now gives 7 instead of 5 points to encourage tracking your bounty down.
    • Improved messaging.
    • Improved responsiveness of the scoreboard.
    • Scoreboard now shows your own points.
    • Fixed a cause of invisible zombies.
    • Items now have the unbreakable tag.
    • Halved duration of blindness on respawn.
    • You can see other players' health now.
    • Win message now shows points of the respective players.
    • Particles now respect /pq.
    • Messages now respect /nick.
    Creeper Attack
    • Fixed blaze hitboxes being stationary while moving and only updating to the actual position when they stop moving.
    • Improved shop description format, so text doesn't go offscreen.
    • Particles now respect /pq.
    Dragon Wars
    • The win message now shows kills for the respective players.
    • Getting hit by scatter damage of explosions now makes the damage animation from normal sources of damage.
    • Fixed a cause for tps lag (server side).
    • Increased view distance and made dragons fly slightly lower to make it easier to target players in the arena.
    • Tweaked the angle fireballs are shot from, to allow better accuracy.
    • Health now shows above players' heads.
    • Tab is now formatted.
    • Reduced the amount of rollbacks
    • Reduced particles to avoid frame lag and confusion.
    • Particles now respect /pq.
    • Improved messaging and sound feedback.
    Ender Spleef
    • Tab is now formatted.
    • Fixed items flickering in your inventory.
    • Items in your hotbar now update and respond faster.
    • Slightly increased cooldown on your primary fire.
    • Fixed some messages not respecting /nick.
    • On game start you now spawn with all your abilities available, instead of them being on cooldown.
    • In the win message it now also shows blocks destroyed for the respective players.
    • Fixed powerups spawning right next to each other or even inside each other.
    • Fixed a bug causing the game to end twice.
    • You now only have one heart during the game.
    • Fixed being able to pick up the same powerup twice.
    • A double jump now costs 50 energy.
    • Fixed inconsistent naming.
    • Slightly reduced powerup spawns.
    • Added custom nametags, so you can still see other player's names.
    • Fixed disguises being offset to the disguised player.
    • Reduced particles to avoid frame lag and confusion.
    • Particles now respect /pq.
    Farm Hunt
    • Fixed an issue that would make you lose an arrow, but not actually shoot one.
    • Improved messaging, sound feedback and scoreboard formatting.
    • Fixed some exploits letting you get out of the map.
    • Fixed disguises being offset to the disguised player.
    • There is now a sound that plays when you kill someone, when you change your disguise and when a Hunter hits a real animal.
    • Fixed map names,"map rotation" and /wtfmap.
    • Fixed the team selector.
    • Fixed some grammar.
    Galaxy Wars
    • You can now change classes while respawning.
    • Fixed /nick not being respected in some messages.
    • Top killers are now shown at the end of the game.
    • When a defender is contesting the payload there is a red beam between them and the payload. (Similar to green beams when attacks push the payload).
    • Fixed an issue with invisible players.
    • Reduced the amount of rollbacks due to the Dash ability.
    • Fixed some flaws in the team balancing algorithm.
    • Killing Troopers gives coins now.
    • Tab player lisitng is now sorted.
    • Improved messaging.
    • Players don't respawn on game start anymore.
    Hide and Seek
    • Fixed Hiders' skins being exposed to Seekers.
    • You don't get kicked for AFK for not moving as a Hider anymore.
    • Fixed being able to escape the Party Pooper lobby.
    • Fixed being able to glitch onto shelves in House Party.
    Hole in the Wall
    • When pulling the levers, walls disappear faster to increase the skill ceiling and make games less boring for good players.
    • Improved the colors players are assigned for clearer visibility.
    • Fixed the welcome messages not appearing sometimes.
    • Fixed some issues with the scoreboard.
    Hypixel Says
    • Make your inventory completely full: Fixed an issue not detecting correctly who finished (and finished first).
    • Insert a music disc into the jukebox: Can't throw Eye of Ender anymore.
    • Slap a player with X: Added new items to slap with.
    • Cure the Zombie Villager: Cannot consume the items anymore.
    • Jump off the platform: Players now spawn equally far away from the edge.
    • Drink the X potion: Added more potions.
    • Build a Golem: You now spawn with only the items you need, not more.
    • Shear the Sheep: Players are hidden for the duration of this task.
    • Grow a tree: Players are not able to block by jumping on the dirt anymore.
    • Climb to the middle: Players that fall in lava right at the end of the game are teleported back to avoid them getting stuck.
    • Put X on the armor stand: Players are hidden for the duration of this task.
    • Kill a X (mob): The mob type to kill is randomly chosen.
    • Craft X: Added 15+ crafting recipes.
    • Don't get killed by the TNT: Winners are now picked by "highest health first".
    • Fixed some inaccuracies of the internal representation of the "floor", causing some blocks outside the play area to be considered "floor".
    • Changed description of some tasks to be more exact.
    Mini Walls
    • Added checks preventing players from hitting withers through blocks (by block glitching).
    • Fixed arrows falling to the ground when killing someone.
    • Fixed an issue that got players stuck when dying.
    • Alive winners now also receive the play again paper.
    • Builder kit now has a stone shovel, every other kit has a wooden shovel.
    • Fixed flowers giving wool.
    • Improved messaging and sound feedback.
    • Fixed being able to take damage after game end.
    • Fixed Outback corners not disappearing in deathmatch.
    • Fixed map names and /wtfmap.
    Party Games
    • Changed Avalanche to prevent it from taking too long or stalling completely.
    • Improved messaging and colors in Hoe Hoe Hoe, to avoid confusion.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing players to not trigger decay of the block they're standing on.
    • The win message now also shows the stars of the respective players.
    • There is a sound for when you fish a pig now.
    • Prevented players from getting the play again paper mid-game when being made a spectator.
    • Fixed some when teleporting to a new minigame.
    • Fixed score not showing and updating consistently in High Ground.
    • Fixed some grammar.
    • Fixed draws in Pig Fishing based on Pigs Hooked.
    • Fixed draws in RPG-16 based on Deaths then Damage.
    • Reworked Fire Leapers.
    • Fixed a bug letting you ride your pigs in RPG-16. (that one was fun :()
    Pixel Painters
    • When sent the link to your image, it now also links your most recent drawings (on the website).
    • Replaced the old scoreboard framework with a new one to fix an issue with text not being fully shown.
    • Fixed some incorrect colors.
    • The ball is now a Diamond Block, so it is better visible for players without a resource pack.
    • Fixed the ball getting stuck in banners.
    • Added some waiting time before the game starts to give time to load the resource pack.
    • Fixed chunks not loading correctly for the first player joining a game.
    • Scoring goals now gives coins.
    • Fixed some grammar.
    Throw Out
    • Fixed being able to see your own disguise.
    • Fixed disguises completely breaking after dying once.
    • Avoided using the vanilla death screen to respawn.
    • Slightly reduced double jump cooldown.
    • Fixed disguises appearing slightly offset to the disguised player.
    • You're now able to actually hit the disguises, instead of having to hit the disguised player.
    • Added custom nametags, so you can still see other player's names, as well as their percentages.
    • Improved messaging and sound feedback.
    • The longer you combo a player the higher the hit sound is pitched.
    • Changed weapon to slime ball, as players know from other games that they revolved around knocking players into the void.
    • Heavily reduced the particles and effects to avoid frame lag and confusion.
    • Particles now respect /pq.
    • Fixed being able to pick up powerups twice.
    • Tab is now formatted.
    • Fixed an issue causing crashes after a player is knocked down when the game has been running for a long time.
    • Fixed an issue causing players not to receive rewards (coins, experience, leaderboard, ...).
    • When dying (not revived in time, or leaving the game) your body now stays on the ground.
    • In pregame, player's names (and tab listing) is formatted according to their rank as you're used to it from other games.
    • One cause for invisible players has been fixed globally (on the whole network).
    • /stats has been updated.
    • All resource pack games now make use of the resource pack book.
    • All resource pack games don't kick players for not having the resource pack anymore.
    • Fixed sometimes only seeing players' heads flying around.
    • Welcome messages for all games are now sent on pregame join, not on game start.
    • All games now use the latest reward summary messages, which give experience and guild experience as you're used to from other games.
    • Rewards are now given on game end, but are shown a few seconds later. The reward message is sent regardless if you're still online on that instance. This means you will always get stuff like quest rewards and guild experience if you stay until the end of the game, even if you leave before the reward message shows.
    • The player counts for individual games has been adjusted, see here for reference.
    • Fixed getting stuck in carpet when joining the Arcade Lobby.
    • Added better handling for players getting the same scores in games like Party Games, Simon Says and Hole in the Wall.

    Merged Party Games
    Another big part of this update, yet less of an impact for players, was the merge of the three Party Games modes to one Party Games mode. This means games starting faster, more players playing together and a bigger variety of random minigames to choose from every game! Alongside this, we have also removed the temporary Hypixel Sports mode. It is a fun project we wanted to share with the community to meme around with, but, as mentioned before, it was planned to be removed at some point, as it doesn't fit into our standard of games. For more info about Hypixel Sports you can check out the news post from November.

    That's all ... for today! Part 2 is already being worked on (with new achievements, new party games and more!), but we hope you already enjoy these changes :) A big "thank you" to everyone involved - the bugs team, the bug reporters, the HPC, the other Admins involved and especially the community for the constant feedback and involvement in this update! We think this has been working out really good so far :)
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    Lots of cool features, it definitely took a lot of time to work on so gg to hypixel.
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    Also could you add a converter for bedwars?
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