1. Hey,
    I wanted to work on my project today and noticed, that my API requests aren't working anymore. Instead of the JSON it now responds with the raw HTML (checking the browser). This wasn't the case for me yesterday, and I was wondering why this is happening, since other sites like sky lea is still working.

    This is what my request and response looks like (Postman):

    Postman and axios return HTML. Normal request via browser works just fine.

    Would be great if someone could help me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Can't reproduce this, perhaps it was an error?
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  3. I will try this tomorrow and update you guys
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    Cloudflare shouldn't be checking the API calls like that, could it be due to you not using https for your requests?
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  5. I guess that's the problem, I can reproduce the error if I change https to https in postman
  6. Yeah, that was the problem. Didn't think that cause such an error. Thanks

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