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  1. The queriesInPastMin param of http://api.hypixel.net/key is reset every minute, but the reset time is not known. It is not exactly at a whole minute, nor is it relative.

    If it was relative, a script could then be easily implemented to avoid key throttles and use it's 120 queries per minute.

    The best solution I found was to send around 115 requests and then ping /key and detect a reset. But this limits the requests to 115 a minute and throttles if you use the key yourself.

    Seriously. This is not that hard to fix.
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  3. @Picsou993 Isn't it only for the Java part of to the API? This is an issue of the general API.

    I have also posted an issue regarding a different topic on January 1st and it got no attention except 2 people that reacted with emojis, so honestly I don't think that the bug will be fixed soon if posted there. But I'll try anyway.
  4. No this is for all requests/bugs about API and not only restricted to the Java part ;).
  5. That will happen because hypixel acctually uses cloudflare AND it has a well known shitty feature called cache, so what you will see is data about 20 seconds ago, or even more
    That's the issue, and there is no fix
  6. If I contact /key and do that again the "queriesInPastMin" immediately shows up. So it can't be that delayed. Why couldn't a relative cap fix this issue? You can even check the relative cap yourself without contacting the API, just keep track of all the requests you sent

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