1. What is the word / code you need to put at "HERE" to get the level and achievements code/arguments ? I'm beggining with hypixel API and really need help :(

    (Is it fixed?)

    Thanks :)
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  2. To get a player's stats including his levels and achievements you need to use the "player" endpoint. This means your request would look like this:
    This will return a JSON with all public information about that player from the API. It includes arrays with certain stats, like all achievements. I'd recommend to view them using Firefox and its integrated JSON visualizer:


    Then, depending on your code language, you can grab that JSON Object in your program by requesting it from the URL mentioned above and parse it, then grab individual values from it.

    For levels, often you will find only the exp values and not the actual level, e.g. for the Hypixel level, you will need to use a formula which you can find here.

    Your original thread still includes your API key if you click the link, I would suggest removing that from the thread as it should stay private. :)
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  3. upload_2020-1-13_21-4-48.png
    Did I do something wrong and can you tell me what? I'm really confused...
  4. Hard to tell from a single line of code what's going wrong.

    Is this JS? You can Google how to grab JSON from a URL in JS, or just use jQuery.

    Watch out though, if you are developing in JS, which is a front-end language, your website visitors can also see the key. This means you should write a backend wrapper to protect your key.
  5. I will surely search that but do you want me to send you the complete code?

    (Its in js and its not a website btw)
  6. Ah, if the JS is not public then that's fine.

    When you run the script your console should mention where an error occurred.

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