1. If you do wanna help I would like it to have my mc skin IGN: Im2Flawless4You and if in the background it could involve something with skywars or something like that. If you have skype add me: [redacted skype] or email me your channel art / avatar: [redacted email]
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  2. this is probably the wrong section
  3. Includinq

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    Definitely the wrong section my dude. Recommend getting it moved to off topic, or community help forum.
  4. Thats like, the most wrong section u can get to,.
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  5. I Was Told To Put It Hear By A Helper
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    Dude i saw you on the HOUSING section posting this same question, THIS IS STILL THE WRONG SECTION!!!
  7. Ur point lol I know it's the wrong spot this is what the helper said to do
  8. Ty
  9. Hey there! If you are looking for a background or avatar, please go to the creative section! They have lots of people who are willing to do one! Hope this helps!
  10. No one has actually answered this guys question. Then they say we have a friendly, helpful community
  11. We shouldn't answer his question as this is in the wrong section.
  12. Fair point but would you really answer this question if it was in the right section?
  13. No, because I don't create profile pictures or banners, and never go into the creative hub. There's no point saying no.
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