1. So about 3 months ago I made a bug report regarding that weird glitch that happened with guardians if it activates while you're standing still. a Moderator replied and said he has passed this along to the developers, but it has yet to be fixed. Any opinions? Here's the video showing the glitch if you don't know what I am talking about, :)
  2. Just wait. It might get fixed soon.
  3. I have it but I've never seen this bug before
  4. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

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    I have it but I’ve never used it before.
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  5. he has waited though
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  6. Hazry

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    Oh that's happened to me so many times, don't use guardians much anymore but still. The glitch has been around for a while now :p
  7. ive used guardians for every win since october first xd
  8. Vicerint

    Vicerint Well-Known Member

    It's been like that for a while yeah. I guess all you can do is wait longer ;shrug;
  9. Hope It Gets Fixed Soon
  10. hmm i've been using guardians for over a year (since season 12) and i haven't noticed this. am i just lucky? xd

    just wait for the bug to get fixed, admins most likely know about it now, there's a skywars update coming soon so maybe it will be fixed in that :eek:
  11. never seen this and ive used guardians since december 2016 xD
  12. are you standing still when the guardians spawn?
  13. i dont bloody know xD so many games i dont take note, probably because i say gg every game xD
  14. Greeq

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    i have the dance but never seen this before
  15. Bugs like this are almost definitely the lowest priority, but I'm sure they'll get to it at some point.
  16. hypixel prob will not fix it, skywars dragon rider is also have bugs and reported like 2 years ago, and nothing happened
  17. yes all u have to do is stand still and dont move your head. i reported it because its so easy to occur
  18. I have guardians and I've never seen this w h a t

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