1. Hey, I am looking for a Good Skyblock guild that may accept my state in the game: sky.lea.moe/MrLegendGaming/Banana

    Note: I own a strong set with tarantula helmet but its with a friend as a trust item cuz I am using his mastiff. Also, One of the things I am looking for is guild spalshes. I sometimes would do them but not always.
  2. maybe you'll find some luck searching in the guild section of the forums
  3. I mean I have a guild but we don't main skyblock, a lot of us play it tho. HMU, my links and guild page are in my signature
  4. Well I’m currently in a guild that does do splashes and events and you do meet lvl requirements to join its called cosmology if u want to join if do choose to join tell them I sent ya
  5. I wana join but how?

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